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Moving on

At the end of year 6, children move on from Shelford School.

The majority go on to Sawston Village College but some children transfer to schools in Cambridge.

We have sporting, curriculum and arts links with the college which means that many of our pupils are familiar with the site before the transfer date.

The transition process begins with a taster day towards the end of Year 5. This involves meeting a senior member of staff and 3 or 4 ex-Shelford pupils who act as our guides for the morning. The children have the opportunity to attend 2 lessons in school, following the normal timetable before returning to Shelford.  

This is followed by an open evening in the Autumn term of Year 6.  Throughout Year 6 pupils engage in a range of activities to make the transfer to secondary school as easy and exciting as possible.  The Year 6 teacher liaises with the staff at the Village College who visit Shelford School to make contact with the pupils. There are transition units in place in the following subjects: Literacy, Maths, Science and Design and Technology. Key Stage 2 classes at Shelford regularly benefit from planned visits from language teachers from Sawston Village College. There are also increasing links with the PE department at Sawston Village College through the School Sports Partnership. In recent years, with assistance from the School Sports Partnership, Year 5 and 6 children have had opportunities to train as Young Sports Leaders and chidlren in Years 1-3 benefit from Mulitskills festivals with their peers from cluster schools.


Admission to secondary school for children from Cambridgeshire primary schools is handled by Cambridgeshire County Council .


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