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25th Anniversary of Wildlife garden

Staff and children enjoyed an historic occasion on 7th October when a previous headmaster, governor and director of education in Cambridgeshire visited us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the wildlife garden. Mr Kenneth Starling, Mrs Marjorie Westbrook and Mr Geoff Morris enjoyed a short assembly with pupils, a walk to the wildlife garden and a short tour of the school grounds, meadow, church school garden and headteacher’s office.

They told of how a three-year project, started in 1987 by Mr Starling and supported by Mrs Westbrook and governors culminated in securing the small triangle of land, now known as the Wildlife Garden for the purpose of teaching the children environmental education. A tree was planted by Mr Morris to mark the official opening of the garden in 1990.

It was a great delight to them all to find that the garden is well used and much loved by all our pupils and that the sorts of environments envisaged then are well developed and thriving today.



The children had prepared questions for our guests; we were particularly keen to convey to Mrs Westbrook that her book The Making of a Village School 1843 – 1993, 150 years of history of Great and Little Shelford Church of England Primary School is still very much in use when Year 3 complete their project on the History of the School.

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