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Phone Box Project

k6 KioskGreat Shelford Parish Council adopted the local K6 telephone kiosk in 2009 as part of the British Telecom "Adopt a Kiosk" programme and decided that it should be preserved as a public art installation to help raise a smile on those that pass it and to become a talking point.

It was repaired and repainted and unobtrusive locks fitted to prevent undesired use and spare parts have been purchased. The Parish Council felt that community ownership of the kiosk and involvement in the project would reduce the risk of vandalism and meet the overall objectives.

Our K6 lies on the route most village children take to school, the children, with the help of their teachers, dress the mannequin up to look like the character they have chosen. At the same time, the children practise their creative writing skills by answering questions about why this person is in the telephone kiosk. Who might he/she be phoning? Why? How might the telephone conversation go?

One of these ideas is selected to be included in the Shelford Village News which is published once a month and delivered to the residents of Great Shelford.

The character will be changed regularly. The school are delighted to have a community project that is fun at the same time as offering another creative dimension to their teaching and learning.

Click here to go to the list of arcticles written by the children...

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