2020 Lockdown Collective Worship

Collective Worship
Below are some materials to support with current themes from the school's Collective Worship Policy.
GenR8 Videos and Activities
Liturgical Year
Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School's Holy Week Worship Sessions:
Daily Holy Week Focus:
Day 1 - Palm Sunday (hymn - We Have a King Who Rides a Donkey
  • Read or watch (using the video below) John 12:12-19.
  • Think about the signs in the scripture that shows Jesus is a king.
  • Create your own palm leaves - either collect them from trees or make them from paper. You might like to make the palm spinner (below). 
  • Reflect on three things you could do to serve others
Day 2 - Traders in the temple and Judas agrees to betray Jesus (hymn All Are Welcome)
  • Reflect on and remember Day 1's focus - Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey, with people praising Him with waving palm leaves and removing their cloaks for Him. 
  • Read or watch (below) Matthew 21 about how Jesus cleansed the temple. 
Day 2 - Part 2 Traders in the temple and Judas agrees to betray Jesus (hymn All Are Welcome
  • Think about what Jesus did in this event. Why was Jesus telling people to get out of the temple? 
  • Think about what people felt when they saw Jesus healing others. 
  • Now, watch the first 3 minutes of Judas agreeing to betray Jesus (below). 
  • Reflect on what feelings Judas felt. Can you think of any times these feelings were explored in the Bible? 
  • End by singing a hymn like 'All are Welcome' (you'll find it at the bottom of the page linked). Remember, the story of Jesus cleansing the temple will singing the lyrics.
Day 3 - Last Supper (including washing of disciples feet and Jesus discussing his betrayal) (hymn - This Is My Body)
  • Start by listening to or singing This is My Body (below). 
  • Reflect on the events we covered in Day 2 - think about the main feelings felt by Jesus when He cleanses the temple and Judas when he agreed to betray Jesus. 
  • Watch the video below - The Last Supper. 
  • Reflect on the events of this very special part of the Easter Story. This about Judas' actions in yesterday's session and today's. Are there some phrases that you recognise? When do Christians today follow this example set by Jesus?
  • Watch Jesus washing the Disciples' feet. Reflect on what this teaches us about service to others. 
  • Carefully think of one thing you could do today to serve someone else. 
  • You could end by writing your own prayer - it could be linked to what examples Jesus set us. Alternatively, you might end by listening or singing 'This is My Body'. Think about the lyrics of the hymn - how are they linked to the last supper?
Day 4 - Garden of Gethsemane (Hymn - Servant King)
  • Reflect on the events of yesterday's session. Think about how Jesus taught us to serve others. Consider Judas' actions. 
  • After the Last Supper, Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. You could watch the video below that outlines the events. 
  • Think about Jesus' choice to spend time in prayer. Spend time reflecting and praying. You could say, write or draw your prayers. Alternatively, you might like to pray in silence. 
  • When you are ready, sing or listen to 'Servant King' (below). Think about the lyrics. Which events of the Easter story can you pick out? How does this tie into today's and yesterday's sessions? 
Day 5 - Trial, Crucifixion and Resurrection
  • Reflect on the story so far. Call into your mind what you have learnt in these sessions. How does Jesus want you to live? 
  • Watch the video below of the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. 
  • Think about your first thoughts about how Jesus wants you to live. What did Jesus do for you?
  • You might like to have a go at some of the ideas below in the Easter Response Ideas document. 
Events of the Easter Story (Holy Week)
Have a look at these lovely ideas from Messy Church.
Celebration Worship Videos
See a summary of our Celebration Worship Videos here.
Materials Courtesy of Church Schools of Cambridge:
Our Lenten Reflection: 
Great Shelford Free Church are sharing weekly children's videos.
Here is their first one - which features our loveable friend Clive. 
5 Sessions from Liz Power
Ideas during our Partial-closure Courtesy of GenR8
Can you solve these word chains by changing only one letter each time working from the top down?

A dreadful day

DEAD    Not alive. Jesus was this when he was taken down from the cross on Good Friday.

_ _ _ _   Loved by someone. The word to write at the beginning of a letter.

_ _ _ _   If you are sad, like Jesus’ friends and family on Good Friday, you cry and this might come from your eyes.

_ _ _ _   You feel this if you are scared. Jesus’ friends felt this after he died.

­_ _ _ _   A large furry animal like Winnie the Pooh or Paddington.

_ _ _ _   This goes on a cord in a necklace or bracelet.

_ _ _ _   If you change direction you go round a _ _ _ _ .

_ _ _ _   A group that plays music together.

_ _ _ _   Having no hair.

_ _ _ _   Fearless.  Also dark text.

_ _ _ _   A shiny yellow metal, used in jewellery.

_ _ _ _   Not bad. Jesus died on _ _ _ _ Friday.


A happy day

SAD       Unhappy, dreadful. Like the events of Good Friday.

_ _ _      Not good. Christians believe that because of Easter we can be forgiven for doing _ _ _ things.

_ _ _      We carry things around in one of these.

_ _ _      The opposite of small.                               

_ _ _      A very soggy patch of ground.

_ _ _      A male child.

_ _ _      Something to play with.

JOY        Happiness. What Jesus’ friends felt when they knew he was alive again.

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