Competitions 2017-2018

2017 - 2018 Competitions
Autumn Term
19th October - Year 5/6 Football
27th November - Year 5/6 Cross Country
Spring Term
18th January - Year 3/4 Indoor Athletics
6th February - Year 3/4 Indoor Athletics Finals
22nd February - Year 5/6 Tag Rugby
8th March - Year 1 Multi-skills Festival
13th March - Year 5/6 Netball
13th March - Year 2 Multi-skills Festival
15th March - Year 5/6 Quicksticks 
20th March - Year 5/6 Netball
Summer Term
10th May - Year 4 Tennis
7th June - Year 5/6 Athletics
21st June - Year 4 Youth Games
16th July - Year 3/4/5/6 Swimming
19th July - Year 5 Olympic Day
QuickSticks Hockey
Thursday 15th March 2018 - Trumpington Community College
Going to the Hockey tournament was very exciting because I'd never done Hockey before, though we had learnt it in our tournaments club after school on Tuesdays.
When we got there we were split up into two groups, Group A and Group B. Each team would play twelve games against other teams from Cambridgeshire. My team B played a solid first game and second game and ended up winning eight and losing four games. We even had to play Shelford A! We managed to come 5th and Shelford A come 6th. This tournament was an amazing tournament for Year 5 and 6 children and an amazing experience.
By Jack
Netball Tournament
Tuesday 13th March 2018 - Netherhall School
On Tuesday the 13th of March some of year 6 set off to Netherhall secondary school to play netball.When we arrived it turned out that we had already missed a match because it had started at 3:30, even though that happened we won our first game 5-0! After a while we played our second game and won again. Later (once all of our matches where played) the awards ceremony was held, we came fourth in our group and were 9 points off getting into the play-offs so overall we did quite well! Thank you for the parents and staff who run netball club and take us to tournaments.
By Jonathan
Year 2 Multi-skills Festival
Thursday 13th March 2018 - Stapleford School
Year 1 Multi-skills Festival
Thursday 8th March 2018 - Shelford School
'It was amazing because we won but we also gave support to the other team' - Jacob
'I thought it was fantastic.' - Theo
'It was super fun because Year 5 helped us.' - Oliver
'It was amazing because we ran round the cones.' - Ruby
'It was spectacular because we won but the other team did really well.' - Magnus
'It was excellent because there were lots of obstacles.' - Christopher
'I thought it was funny because the cones kept blowing away.' - Felix
Thursday 22nd February 2018 - Shelford Rugby Club
On Thursday 22nd February Year 6 went to Shelford Rugby Club to play in a Tag-Rugby tournament. When we got onto the pitch that we were going to play on we listened to the rules. Afterwards we went on to our first pitch to play Sancton Wood. We lost narrowly 2-1. In our next match we played St Albans. We won that match. Heads held high we played our next match, we won again 6-3. Next we went and got some water on board and replenished our energy. Everyone got their game heads on and then went to play our next game. Again a 6-3 win, with an amazing try by Daniel with an interception then all the way through for the try. After, we were feeling the pressure - we had to win the game to have a chance at medals. Luckily we calmed down and won the game 7-2. Soon after we found out we were playing Stapleford in the 3rd and 4th play off. Nervous (with about 6 fans) we went into the game. It was looking even until we made some substitutions. Oliver scored two quick tries and put us ahead. A few chances for Guy but none were scored; eventually Oliver scored to make the final score 3-0. We were pleased to go home with medals and a win against our friends from Stapleford.
By Joel
Indoor Athletics Final
Tuesday 6th February 2018 - Sawston Village College
Indoor Athletics
Thursday 18th January 2018 at Shelford School

Year 3

‘It was really fun, I enjoyed the games.’ – Charlotte

‘The games were hard but I challenged myself.’ – Oliver

‘I liked the Year 9 and 10’s encouraging me.’ – Hugo

‘I’ve never tried some of the activities. It was fun.’ – Jessica

‘I really, really enjoyed the sprinting game. It was a big challenge to turn quickly.’ – Alfie

‘The balancing on one leg games was harder than I thought it would be.’ - Sara

Year 4

'I thought the indoor athletics was very challenging to do but it was also very fun. All the children from Sawston gave us lots of kind tips about how we could improve or what we could do better.' - Imsy

'It was really fun because we got to try lots of different activities.' - Olivia

'I wish I could do it again.' - Olly

'I liked the balance bar.' - Abbey

'I really liked the indoor athletics because there were really fun activities.' - Ellie

Cross Country Tournament
27th November 2017 at Netherhall School
Football Tournament
19th October 2017 at Netherhall School