As of 01/04/23, Rainbow Preschool is under the leadership of Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School. Existing policies for each respective establishment remain in place.


At Shelford School we are aware of the increasing need for children to be prepared to take their place in a world community; to become ‘global citizens’. Such preparation is integrated naturally into the children’s broad and balanced curriculum, and is fundamentally about promoting and developing an understanding of and a respect for one’s self and other people.

The whole experience of Internationalism at Shelford School is in line with our vision. In particular, this is evident in how pupils work collaboratively both in the classroom and in partnership with a number of schools overseas; pupils achieve their potential as evidenced in becoming the global citizens of the future; and the entire school community continue to look for further ways to develop their understanding of and commitment to improving life outcomes for themselves and others.

The Internationalism Big Ideas are:

Identity and Belonging - Developing a positive sense of who we are, and feeling that we are valued and respected as part of a family and community.

Fairness and Equality - Understanding fairness and equality increases children's tolerance and appreciation for diversity. Fairness means treating people according to their needs, which does not always mean it will be equal. Equality means treating everyone exactly the same.

Rights and Responsibilities – Appreciating that in order to be good citizens and make our communities better, we must understand our rights and responsibilities. Rights are freedoms we have that are protected by laws, while responsibilities are duties or things that we should do.

Conflict Resolution – Developing problem-solving skills to helps them to identify problems and choose best solutions.

Sustainable Living - Understanding how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us. Making changes to help protect animals, plants and our natural resources so that future generations will be able to enjoy them.


We are proud to receive the Picture News Impact GOLD Award this year for our Internationalism work in school. The judging team reviewed our application which outlined our international work before awarding us at the highest level and sent some wonderful feedback:
'We reached this decision as we can see how invested you are in learning about our world and valuing and respecting everyone and their contributions. We really enjoyed looking at your Internationalism page and can see this is something embedded in your school. Your impact is far-reaching and it is incredible that children in Morocco were inspired by you! Well done; you should feel very proud!'
Please see further below for more information on Picture News which is a fantastic global learning resource we use each week across the school.
September 2023
As you are likely to have heard, a significant earthquake struck parts of Morocco - with the epicentre amongst the Atlas Mountains. You may remember that we are in partnership with a school just at the foot of the mountains - S/S Annour. We have heard from our contact, Samir - who visited us back in March. Fortunately, he is well. However, he has reported some of the impact on members of the school community. Following the disaster, the British Red Cross have launched an appeal. Some of the children at Shelford wanted to send well wishes and wrote some wonderful letters in French with Mrs Kennedy. These have been sent digitally and warmly received by Samir who is looking forward to showing pupils in his school. 

International School Award Assessor's Comments

"This is a strong Impact Evaluation from Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School in this challenging year, and I am recommending it for Reaccreditation of the International School Award. Well done! You did very well to produce 14 activities for your application in this pandemic year, which are varied, motivating and detailed. It is interesting to read in 'Impact on Teachers' that: 'Despite Covid, we continued existing and fostered new collaborations with partner schools' and 'We adopted online tools, e.g. Padlet, to share, communicate and celebrate information around the world. We made more use of video technology, but traditional letter writing to pen pals remains a popular task in KS2'. Three collaborative activities between the UK school and the partner school(s) abroad must be presented for Reaccreditation, which you will know, which are 1 Lockdown Around the World, 8 Life Across the Pond and 9 Bonjour, Pen Pal! Activities 2 Getting to Know You, 3 Picture News, 4 Sharing Opinions of Environmental Responsibility, 6 Identity, 7 Let's Explore - Kenya, and 12 Life Below the Nile, are collaborative too and activities 1, 8 and 9 evidence a clear sharing of information on the part of the partner school, either in the activity itself or through one of the 2 links to Padlet you provided. Activity 9 also serves as the requisite foreign language one, which shows pupils learning both language and about the culture of the country. I am pleased to see that you followed your Action Plan feedback to refer to both elements in the 'activities' section. All the other Impact Evaluation sections are excellent, and you can be rightly proud of your school being a Runner Up in the Pearson World Changers Awards (Languages' category) and achieving the Picture News Impact Award. Good luck in your continuing and developing international journey in the next three years!"

World Environment Day 2023
This year's 'International Day' focused on looking after the environment and sustainability.
Mrs Bane (Eco Council Leader) planned and led the day, which kicked off with a  whole school Collective Worship session. Throughout the day, children enjoyed 'hands on' workshops with a representative from 'Green up Your Act!' A summary of the workshops from Green up Your Act can be found below:
Environment Day One of the fist subjects pupils mention when it comes to environmental topics is the issue of litter. 62% of people in England drop litter, although only 28% will admit to it. Clearing up the streets and green spaces in England alone costs £1 billion a year. There are not just direct costs involved with the dropping of litter, the RSPCA receives around 7,000 calls a year regarding animals that have been injured by litter; this includes pets as well as wildlife. – Firstly, we explore the issues through an interactive presentation on the subject of litter in the UK and examining single use plastics and their alternatives. Each pupil will then be invited to decorate a cork fish with colourful recycled scales they have made to bring awareness to the problem of litter in our surroundings. This highlights how we can all play a part in supporting a beautiful and healthy natural environment. The fish create eye-catching artworks which can be taken home or displayed in school. The main aim of this workshops is to raise young people’s awareness of the problem litter and the effect it has on our natural environment.
Thank you to Mrs Bane for organising the day's events, Green Up Your Act for the great workshops and our fantastic PTA for funding these super learning opportunities for our children.
Our partner school in Morocco were keen to hear what we had been up to and held their own World Environment Day in response! Click the link below to see what they explored!
Picture News

Picture News has proved to be a fantastic resource for our children here at Shelford. Each week, Picture News chooses a current news story, turns it into a vibrant poster with a thought provoking question and provides us with brilliant linked resources for Early Years, KS1 and KS2. Picture News is a powerful way to help keep our children up to date with the fast-changing world around them. Helping to challenge their ideas and pre-conceptions; ultimately this will help to broaden their horizons and enable them to deal with the modern world. Children across the school have said how much they enjoy each week's Picture News edition and that they always look forward to debating the next big question!  If you want to find out more about what we've been discussing each week, please see above for some examples of posters and below for coverage documents for recent terms.

International Day - July 8th 2022
The children all looked fabulous dressed in red and green to celebrate our Morocco Day last Friday! We gathered together at the 'airport' before heading off in Houses to our various destinations to discover more about this wonderful country through a series of activities surrounding art, food and culture. We made decorative Moroccan lamps, tasted cous cous, falafel and mint tea, investigated buildings and landscapes and even tried our hand at writing in Arabic, Morocco's official language! Thanks go to the PTA for funding resources, to parent helpers for giving up their time and of course to the super Shelford staff for planning and preparing the fun activities across the day. It was also lovely to work with local artist, Clare Basel, who was impressed at how creative and resilient our children were when it came to their art work! Morocco Day was inspired by our partnership with Secteur Scolaire Annour, our partner school in the Atlas mountains! They were incredibly excited to hear that we were planning such a special day and so prepared for us a wonderful video which can be seen below on our shared Padlet.
UK - Morocco Cluster Partnership!
We have been involved in an exciting project which involved Shelford and our partner school, SS Annour, linking up with another two schools: Sprowston High School (Norwich) and their partner school, Lady Kadija. The lead teachers from each school put together an action plan with Mrs Unwin, which was submitted to the British Council in the Summer term 2021. We were delighted to receive some funding to help support our partnership work! Pupils in the UK and Morocco have been working on 'A Window into Wellbeing' and thinking about all the ways we can help look after ourselves, especially in these tricky times during a global pandemic. Here are some of the shared activities so far!
Take a look at out most recent exchanges with our French pen pals
here on our MFL page! 
21.5.21 - Year 3 enjoyed a day "merveilleux" earlier this week. Please see their class page here for more information!
International Day 2021
The whole school enjoyed an Olympic themed International Day on Thursday 1st July. In addition to learning about the history of the Olympic Games, each class 'visited' a different participating country and explored culture and tradition through a variety of activities. The highlight of the day for every class was a bespoke dance workshop provided by 'Dance Days'. Thank you to our generous PTA for funding this fantastic enrichment activity for all to enjoy, and thanks also to our magnificent kitchen team for preparing a tasty outdoor lunch.
In keeping with our whole school curriculum Spring term topic thread, 'Our Environment: Local and Global', Mrs Unwin spoke with Mrs Alderson about Internationalism in our school. 
World Changers Award - Languages
In December 2020, we were delighted to learn that we were recognised as runners-up for a Pearson World Changers Award under the category of languages. You can read about all the award winners and runners up here. Our school is featured on page 8. 
We were very pleased to have been congratulated by Cambridgeshire County Council for the achievement of this award and for our ambitious international curriculum. You can read more here.
International Competition!
We are inviting schools across the world to respond to the question: Is it the responsibility of the young to protect the planet? Find out more in our invitation below.
UPDATE: You can view some of our competition entries here.
Maintaining sustainable and equitable partnerships is always tricky when working with international partner schools, but never so much as in these current times due to various states of lockdown imposed around the world by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we have been exploring new and exciting ways of communicating so that our pupils can continue to reap the benefits of our international relationships. Classes across the school are currently collaborating on a couple of fascinating projects with our partner schools in other countries through using Padlets - online discussion boards. 
 We are delighted to announce a brand new international partnership with Secteur Solaire Annour ('The Light'), a small primary school in Morocco! View a wonderful welcome video from them here.
Hear some lovely singing from the children at our Kenyan partner school, St Paul's Primary.
Email from Kenya - 10th May 2019
We received an email from St. Paul's in Kenya. Attached to the email were a selection of photos of our pupils' work. We sent over items created during our International Day. The work was a response to their previous correspondence around typical and traditional housing, as well as the right for quality education for all. 
Letters Received - 8th May 2019
Our Y2 pupils received letters from their pen pals in Canada. The letters outlined what they like about their country and some basic details about them. They also included a gift of a pin for each pupil.
Letters Received 7th May 2019!
We received a pack of letters from St. Paul's in Kenya. Pupils responded to a variety of questions linked to the same theme we covered in our International Day in the autumn term. The letters were very poignant and outlined how much the pupils clearly value the opportunities education can provide them with. 
Can you spot the Shelford uniforms in use in Zambia in the video below? 
Zambesi Sunrise Trust:
January 2019
We have received photos from Linda Community School in Livingstone, Zambia, where our spare uniform now enables pupils to attend school (as uniform is mandatory for pupils). We are very pleased to see Shelford uniform all the way over in Zambia!
Thank you to Miss McLoughlin who delivered a very inspiring assembly about her trip to Tanzania over the summer! She talked to us about the work she carried out as a volunteer teacher in a few schools during her time there and showed us a number of thought-provoking photographs. We saw that the schools were very different to our own; not very colourful or inviting. Miss McLoughlin said that some of the work the children did would have seemed incredibly boring to us. Despite all these challenges, we noticed that the children in all of the photographs were smiling! They feel so privileged to be able to go to school. Hearing about Miss McLoughlin's experience made us feel terribly fortunate to be living in the UK and receiving the education we do. I asked the children if they had been inspired by Miss McLoughlin's trip and the work we have done this year in our global learning - lots and lots of hands went up! Many children said they might like to make a trip just like Miss McLoughlin one day!
Mrs Unwin

International Day 2018


We enjoyed a fantastic day with an international focus last Friday. We thought about one of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: Quality Education for All.


The day began with an informative and interactive whole school assembly with the charity Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED). We considered what it might be like not to go to school. At first, many of us gave suggestions of what ‘better’ things we would do with our time if we weren’t at school, but we were challenged to think about how this would even be possible without having been to school to learn! We also thought the absence of school in our lives would make it difficult to make friends and be successful in the future. How would we get jobs to be able to buy lovely things, let alone necessities like food, clothing and houses? We then heard about some of the children CAMFED work with and were surprised by some of the information we heard. Everyone left the assembly with a lot to think about and much to be thankful for.


CAMFED worked with all KS2 classes throughout the remainder of the day. The aims were:

  •          To learn about the children they work with
  •          To consider why school is important for fulfilling your ambitions and potential
  •          To see how different a child’s life can be with education


Reception and KS1 shared a powerful picture book, ‘The Way to School’, which showed the difficult journeys some children across the world have to make just to get to school. They were shocked to see that some had to cross rivers, use dangerous bridges and even climb mountains! This seemed so different to simply walking, riding their bikes/scooters or driving to school. They shared their favourite things about school and ideas included ‘making friends’ and ‘learning lots of new things’. They thought about what they would miss out on if they couldn’t go to school and concluded that they are very fortunate. Year 2 also had fun learning about Canada, where Miss Bachewich was born! They practised line dancing, compared the weather to the UK and investigated the Canadian flag.


During the day, we shared our most recent correspondence from our partner school, St Paul’s in Kenya. They sent us a beautiful, handmade flag and some collages of traditional houses. All classes admired the work and responded by making their own Union Jack flags and pictures of our homes. We very much look forward to sending these to Kenya in time for Christmas!


Our first Used Book Sale was a tremendous success! Thank you to those who supported the event, whether by donating books and cakes, buying books and cakes ... or both! The event was extremely well attended and we received lots of positive feedback from pupils and parents. We have also been able to stock our school library, classroom reading corners and Rainbow Pre-School with some of the unsold books.


We raised an incredible total of £344.93 which will be sent to CAMFED to thank them for their input towards our International Day. The CAMFED representatives were so impressed with our pupils and commented on how well-behaved and engaged they were. 


A very special thank you must go to Mrs Kellock and the School Councillors for setting up the book sale, and to the PTFA who kindly gave up their time to run the bake sale. Thank you to everyone for your support and contribution. Enjoy your 'new' used books and perhaps due to the success of this event we will look to hold another in the future.

International School Award

We are delighted to announce that at the end of the Summer term 2018, Shelford School was awarded the Full Accreditation for the International School Award! We have been on our global learning journey over the course of the past three years and are delighted with this recognition for our school. Please see our Assessor's feedback below. Many thanks go to the wider school community for working with us in helping to establish such an enriching global learning curriculum for our children. 


Great and Little Shelford CofE (Aided) Primary School has provided sufficient evidence to be recommended for the British Council International School Award. With the full support of the Senior Leadership Team your Impact Evaluation has addressed the issues highlighted in the Action Plan feedback. Supplemented by an international curriculum event, the school provides a collaborative, creative curriculum with strong links with pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning. Teachers seek to improve good practice through attending in-house learning CPD and you have acknowledged the supportive impact of the ‘Think Global’ course. As a result, international themes are integrated across different subject areas, with parents recognising the value of your approach, to pupils’ overall development. Exposure to the meaningful opportunities and experiences you present enables pupils to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence, through learning. They also have a voice regarding international activities. You emphasise the relevance and enjoyment aspect of the collaborative project with your Kenya partner school. The evaluation process has allowed you to conclude that they have nurtured a positive awareness of current issues and developed a better understanding of their connectivity to their international peers. The ‘normal day’ activities you describe encompass a variety of subject areas pupils can relate to on a personal level. You provide a concise description of how pupils’ involvement with Fair Trade enables them to make considered lifestyle choices and consider their role as citizens. This activity received excellent practical support from local businesses, leading to the school achieving well-deserved accreditation, for its work on giving pupils a greater depth of understanding and respect for other cultures. You recognise the commitment and enthusiasm of teachers who ensure that your pupils’ achievements are shared and celebrated with the wider school community. Great and Little Shelford CofE (Aided) Primary School has received a positive response to its international work from parents, visiting speakers, community groups and a range of other organisations. Such relationships and support allow you to confidently seek further actions in order to embed learning into the curriculum. This is evident in the attention given to introducing consistency, and implementing clear objectives, in order to consolidate the Modern Foreign Language link with your French partner school. It is commendable that you propose to ‘maximise learning opportunities’ for the school population through sharing good practice and strengthening links with other local schools.

- The International School Award team British Council

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019
Flashback! Can you remember the fantastic work we did learning about Fairtrade last term? Did you know that 25th February to 10th March 2019 is Fairtrade Fortnight? Look out for things going on in the local area. Is there anything you can do to support Fairtrade? Perhaps you might remind yourself to look for the Fairtrade mark when you next go shopping. Maybe you could do some Fairtrade baking. You might even have some fundraising ideas. If you do choose to get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight, be sure to let Mrs Unwin know how and you might appear on the International display in school!
Fairtrade Day - 1st November 2017
Our International focus for this academic year is 'Food Around the World'. We thought a great way to start would be to think about where our favourite foods actually come from and with that we thought about Fairtrade.
The day started with a glimpse at the Fairtrade mark ...
Then Mr and Mrs Wilkinson from Shelford Delicatessen came in to run a fantastic Fairtrade assembly. They demonstrated the supply chain to show us how chocolate actually gets to us. At first, we were surprised to find out that not everyone in the supply chain was paid fairly. The farmer was very poorly paid and could not afford to feed, clothe and educate his family. Once Fairtrade had been established, this meant a better deal for farmers all around the world. Now we know that when we buy Fairtrade products, farmers have been paid fairly, even if these products cost us a little bit more.
All year groups went back to their classrooms to look at Fairtrade in greater detail.
Reception and KS1 met Pablo the Super Banana! He told us all about the meaning of Fairtrade. We played Spot the Difference games and we shopped for Fairtrade foods. Reception class even made their own banana tree! We thought about our favourite meals and recorded them to send to our partner school in Kenya. We look forward to hearing back from them about typical meals they eat. We wondered if there are farming families among them who benefit from Fairtrade.
KS2 did some exciting work about the banana industry and in particular the supply chains. We thought carefully about what happens to a banana before it reaches the consumer and discussed 'who gets what' from the sale of bananas. Working is small groups, we had to allocate each other roles: banana worker, plantation owner, shipper, importer, ripener and supermarket. We were told that a banana would cost 30p and had to decide how much of that 30p we should get for our job as part of the banana chain. This fun activity taught us about how we are connected with people all around the world through the things we buy and eat. 
Well done to all children for their enthusiasm and hard work during the day. A special thank you to Mr and Mrs Wilkinson for their amazing contribution to our Fairtrade Day! 
I've enjoyed learning about how farmers found it really hard to live before Fairtrade started. I've enjoyed learning how since Fairtrade has happened it has made farmers' lives much better.
Ella, Year 2
I liked it when we learned about Pablo the Super Banana and I liked the supply chain in assembly. I was the manufacturer and it was good when everyone got a fair amount. 
Oscar, Year 2
It was nice to see parents contributing to the day. I really enjoyed Mr and Mrs Wilkinson's assembly and now I take more care with my food after I saw how much work was put in. I now see that it's not always about me, but for the people who are not as fortunate as us. I think that spending 5p extra is worth it because, just think, that 5p could save lives!
Maisie, Year 5
I liked the 'Banana Split' activity where we had to debate our share of 30p. I was the banana worker and I thought I should get 10p but then I changed my mind to 9p. 
Samuel, Year 5
International Week 2016

Our International Week at Shelford School was a great success! Thank you to everyone involved in planning, preparing and delivering the activities last week. We were very lucky to have a number of family and friends volunteer to help in school as well as organisations that came in to enrich our learning.

The week began with our fabulous team of Teaching Assistants acting as air-hostesses at our airport which really helped to ignite the children’s enthusiasm for the week ahead. The children thoroughly enjoyed their airport experience and were excited to be ‘visiting’ different countries to explore other traditions and cultures.

Throughout the week the children learned lots of new things and levels of excitement and enthusiasm were maintained with a number of creative activities including baking, dancing and singing. We had visits from charities ActionAid and Hands Up Education in Action to tell us about the work they do in developing countries. Each class participated in a tailored workshop, some with ActionAid and others with Lorraine Theobald, a multicultural dance specialist. They said our children were “delightful, enthusiastic and extremely well behaved.”

To conclude the week’s events, all pupils rotated around the classrooms to get a taste of what had been going on across the school. Sandwiched in between this carousel was my highlight of the week: a magnificent performance on Friday morning where each class dressed up for the occasion and showcased something they had learned. We had such fun performing and watching the range of dances and songs – it truly was a lovely way to celebrate such a successful week!

Thank you again for helping with the sponsored homework challenge and for the preparation of dressing up outfits. We raised a substantial amount from our fundraising which has been shared between a number of nominated charities. Classes chose ActionAid, Hands Up Education in Action and WaterAid to receive these funds.


My favourite part was when we flew to India on the flight because we had cabin crew serving drinks and when we were checked in at the airport with our passports. When we got to India, Saisha’s mum came in and talked about India and we learned a dance called mango dancing. On Friday our whole class dressed in Indian clothing. I wore a top which I made. In assembly we did a dance and watched all the other year groups. Henry, Y2

On Monday, Year 2 flew from Shelford airport (in the school hall) to India. Then we coloured in the Indian flag, learned some facts and Saisha’s mum talked to us about India. On Tuesday we acted out the story of Diwali with Mrs Kellock. The next day we wrote the story of Diwali next to little pictures. On Thursday we practised some Bollywood dancing- it was tiring! On Firday we dressed up in saris and turbans, ate popadums and showed our Bollywood dancing to the whole school. Emma, Y2

On Monday we kicked off International Week with an airport and we were travelling to Brazil. On Tuesday we learned about the weather in Brazil and wrote reports. On Wednesday we had a great workshop and made some accessories for our Samba dance. On Thursday there was a fun Hands Up assembly. It was probably my favourite day on Friday as we got to see lots of other work which other classes had been doing and we had a big performance in the hall. We did our Samba carnival dance – it was great fun! Guy, Y4

Last week we had international week. On Monday we went to the airport (our hall!). We pretended that we were going to Brazil. We learned about the geography  of the country and its weather. Later in the week we made delicious Brigadeiros chocolates and we had an exciting workshop. On Friday we performed our carnival dance to the rest of the school and they also performed to us. Lucy, Y4

On the first week back of term Shelford school turned into an airport! Christopher’s mum came in as she is an air hostess. The classes all flew to different countries. I will be talking about Brazil as that was Year 4’s destination. Brazil is the largest country in South America. It is where the Equator is so the weather is warm year round. The capital city is Brasilia, but lots of people think it’s Rio. The biggest city is Sao Paolo. Brazil is the perfect place for a holiday! There’s football to be watched, adventures to be had and wild creatures to be seen in the Amazon Rainforest. Oliver, Y4

Kenya Day 2017
On Monday 26th June, we visited Shelford Airport once again. This time our destination was Kenya!
We were very lucky to be joined on the day by 'Hands Up! Education in Action' who delivered a fantastic, thought-provoking assembly about the challenges some children in Kenya face in their everyday lives. They also presented us with the exciting opportunity to fund raise to help our international partner school, St Paul's Primary, hold their very own Sports Day later this year - something that does not happen often, let alone annually like at Shelford!
Hands Up! also held two fun and educational workshops during the day: one for Reception and KS1 and the other for KS2. Both were very well received by the children, some of whom talk about their experiences in the comments below.
We enjoyed learning a number of traditional Kenyan playground games by watching videos sent to us by our friends at St Paul's. It was great fun playing them outside in the sunshine. Please see some videos below.
Thank you to a number of parents who came into school to support us on the day, especially Mrs Lewis for being our amazing air hostess again this year, and to Mr Harrison for coming to talk to Year 3 with Noah about their recent family holiday to Kenya. We are also grateful to have received a range of supporting materials, e.g. photographs, artefacts etc. which are all very valuable to the children's learning. Last, but not least, thank you to everyone for your kind donations to Hands Up! and for any purchases of merchandise after school. 
First we collected our passports and went to the airport. Mrs Unwin and Hands Up! spoke to us about St Paul's Primary School and their work. Next we got checked in and Mrs Lewis and our teaching assistants were the air hostesses! Then we flew to Kenya. We did an atlas challenge and labelled a map of Kenya. How many rivers and mountains can you think of in Kenya? Did you know Kenya lies on the equator? Later on, we had a workshop with Hands Up! to learn about sanitation. It was really fun drawing a village on the playground and thinking where poop stations should be! My favourite part of our day was learning Kenyan games because it was awesome. I really like the games 'Kati' and 'Marobo', and I hope we play them in Buzz Time again soon. Tom, Year 4
I really enjoyed learning about a different lifestyle to ours. There are so many differences. Rafa, Year 4
We drew a Kenyan village to see how it was different to our village. Their houses have tine roofs and walls made from mud and hay. I enjoyed Noah's Dad talking about their visit to Kenya. Abigail, Year 3
I like the workshop and experiencing the differences between what I have and what they have. For example, toilets - I am pleased that I don't have to go in a river! Anni, Year 3