Netball A Teams Tournament

Netball A Team Tournament
Tuesday 28th March 2017 at Netherhall School
Netball Tournament - Yellow Team
Tuesday 28th March 2017

It was the day we set off for the netball tournament, travelling from school to Netherhall. As we drove up the packed parking area we started to realise how tough it was going to be. Soon after, we began our first match, eager to go, although it didn’t go as planned. We swiftly moved on to the next match, very enthusiastic, but the opponents won again. Our hopes started to drop, but we carried on trying. The next few games went much better. We drew them both-: In the time we had left, we practised as much as possible. It then came down to our last match and we managed to win!! We were really pleased. Overall we all tried our best with good team work and gave it our all, despite the fails. It was great fun, also a wonderful experience.
By Chloe F
Netball Tournament - Black Team
Tuesday 28th March 2017

Team B did really well and even if we didn’t score we would just stay happy and even when the other team scored. When we played against St Phillips we cheered for both of our teams. If it weren’t for Miss Beck and Miss Crew we wouldn’t have so much fun. We really enjoyed it!
By Ella C