Reception Class Page 2021 to 2022

Reception Class Topics and Activities
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Summer Term 2022
Kapla Bricks Workshop
Reception had a fantastic time today creating a 'town' for our Kapla Bricks 'Big Build'. They had to concentrate hard to follow the pattern given to create a strong house, but were real persevering parrots when it was tricky and kept going to create an amazingly creative and varied city. We were particularly impressed by the team effort they made to work together and the care they took when looking after each others' buildings. 
At the end of the day they were just as excited to come back and see what everyone else had built. We were blown away by what we saw. Wow!! 
Swimming Lessons
Everyone was very excited for our first swimming lesson at school today. Reception enjoyed meeting Mrs Patterson (our swimming teacher) and were real ‘go for it gorillas’ trying out new skills and sharing their talents friends. We are so proud of you all. Well done!!
Shepreth Wildlife Park May 2022
Reception Class enjoyed a fantastic day at Shepreth Wildlife Park today! The weather was kind and this meant that we were able to see lots of animals. The children were all very well behaved and did marvellously considering this is their very first school outing. There were a number of tired children at the end of the day - a sign of an enjoyable day! Here are some photos from across the day.
Living Eggs Project
As a start to our 'Growing and Changing' project, Reception have enjoyed having a group of chicks come to stay for a fortnight. Take a look at our 'Chick Watch' page to find out more!!. 
Spring Term 2022
Science Week !!

During British Science Week, Reception enjoyed exploring the national theme of ‘Growth’ in science in a variety of ways. We 'grew' our own patterns by exploring chromatography to make coloured strips which we use to make a chromatography collage. On ‘Mars Day’ (March 14th) we also explored the idea of ‘life’ living and growing on Mars and designed and drew pictures of animals that we thought might be able to survive there! To link in with our RE theme of Easter, we also enjoyed carrying out a ‘yeast’ experiment and watching a balloon ‘grow’ as carbon dioxide was released (we made two kinds of bread – hot cross buns and chapattis to compare the effect of yeast or no yeast in bread). At the end of the week the children also learnt about how teeth grow and how to look after them, before having a go making their own set of teeth using playdough. Fabulous!! Our 'scientific knowledge' has grown this week as well!!

World Book Day 2022!
Reception Class enjoyed dressing up to celebrate World Book Day! 
Our day began with a wonderful whole school fancy dress parade around the field.
We admired everyone's costumes and counted (not quite!)
101 Dalmatians - the Shelford Staff!
We then joined together in the hall for a special assembly and heard about some events taking place during the day.
Our favourite part of the day was sharing gingerbread men biscuits with our Year 3 reading buddies, who very kindly gifted us each a book!
We all had a great day!
Here are some photos - can you guess which stories we are from?
Autumn Term 2021
We have also enjoyed using stories to learn about traditions and customs around the world and explored similarities and differences between the things we enjoy doing as a family. We were fascinated by the customs surrounding Bonfire Night, Diwali and Hannukah and loved taking part in our own 'Shelford Christmas Day' as well as producing our own Christmas play with KS1 to share what happens in 'The Christmas Story'.
Books, books, books!!
We've enjoyed sharing lots of stories together this half term. Take a look at some of the fun things we've been up to after reading some of our favourites - 'Pumpkin Soup', 'The Rainbow Fish' and 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.
Look what I can do!
This half term Reception have had loads of fun getting to know each other, the classroom and the rest of the school. We have been learning about what makes each and every one of us special and enjoyed sharing our skills with each other.
Buddy Time!
This week Reception have had fun meeting their Year 6 buddies. First they enjoyed sharing some games and stories with them in the classroom before Y6 helped them with their first school lunch. It can be a bit daunting meeting so many new people when you join a new school, but Reception have all done brilliantly. Thank you Year 6!
Please find below a selection of photos of Reception's' 'first day at school'. They had such fun exploring so many different areas. Well done everyone!