Science Spot!

Each week in our regular newsletter, we normally have a Science Spot. During the partial-closure, we have migrated this to this page!
23/6/20 Science Spot
Cambridge Science Centre Magazines
If you have enjoyed the Cambridge Science Centre Science Shows, why not access more of their resources by clicking on the links below to download one of their OpenUpScience Magazines packing full of ideas and activities on a range of different themes. 
22/6/20 Science Spot
Wildlife Wednesdays
If you're interested in linking Science with Outdoor Learning, why not take a look at these great ideas. A new video is released every 'Wild Wednesday'.
10/4/20 Science Spot
Let's Go Live with Maddie and Greg
If you haven't already seen these, they look great for a bit of daily Science Inspiration!!
"We’re live at www.youtube.com/maddiemoate every weekday morning at 11am with a show packed with interactive quizzes, special cameras, brilliant guests, and plenty of simple activities that families can try at home after the show!"
9/4/20 Science Spot
Watch the Wild in Action

Ospreys, puffins, peregrines, owls...and more! Watch wildlife on webcams provided by Wildlife Trusts across the British Isles. Webcams allow an unrivaled view of intriguing behaviours: from courtship, nesting, and hatching to a peep into the first few weeks of a chick's life. Be warned - it's addictive viewing!   https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/webcams

If you're stuck indoors, or just interested in taking a sneak peak into the animal kingdom around us, these look great... There are loads of other 'plants and animals' activity ideas on the Wildlife Trust and Woodland Trust websites too!!

27/3/20 - Science Spot
Wellcome Trust has compiled a great Genome Home Learning Pack:
25/3/20 - Science Spot

PSTT is working with Science Sparks to create activities for children to have some fun with Science at Home.


Each two page sheet has activities that are:

  • very clear and simple, using household resources
  • accessible and manageable for all families
  • fun for children and their families to do
  • linked to follow up activities

We will send out a new Science Fun at Home every Wednesday and we will also be posting them on all of our social media accounts. Please share these resources across your networks, and encourage your schools to forward them to parents, guardians and carers, and encourage them to pass them on to other families.

If you are sharing on social media please use #ScienceFromHome and tag our social media accounts:

Twitter: @ScienceSparks and @pstt_whyhow
Facebook: @ScienceSparks and @primaryscienceteachingtrust

All the Science Fun at Home resources will be available to download from our website. Please visit: https://pstt.org.uk/resources/curriculum-materials/Science-Fun-at-Home