Virtual School Games

Virtual School Games
Healthy Selfie Campaign -January 2021
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough School Games, would like to invite you to take part in their 'Healthy Selfie Campaign' throughout the month of Janaury. Each week there will be a new challenge. Sumbit your photos to year1@shelford.cambs.sch.uk and look out for them appearing on the page below.


School Games Local Organising Committee in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough


Healthy Selfie Campaign - Week 3
Healthy Selfie Campaign - Week 2
Healthy Selfie Campaign - Week 1
Virtual School Games Day
Thursday 2nd April 2020
A huge well done to everyone that took part - You have each earned 2 house points. I enjoyed seeing all of your entries. Many of them can be found below. 


10am-11am – Opening Ceremony – Each school has to create and perform a 1 min Dance or Piece of Music.

11am – 12pm – Rowing – you must get as many people involved to ‘row a boat’ across a classroom – This can be as imaginative as you like. For example - creating a human boat with everyone sitting in a line, doing a rowing motion. Then every 10 seconds the person at the front moves to back. (However you need to comply with the social distancing rules! So the more creative the better!!)
12pm – 1pm – Daily Mile – Get everyone outside and run a mile (Keeping to social distancing guidelines!)
1pm – 2pm – Table Tennis – We understand you may not have a table tennis table, get inventive – how can you include everyone?
2pm – 3pm – Closing Ceremony – Re-create a medal ceremony (extra points for realism – i.e. creation and use of medals, podium, flags, anthems)

There will be extra points awarded for Spirit of the Games so get creative and have a little think about how you can include the 6 values!

-          Determination

-          Passion

-          Respect

-          Honesty

-          Self-belief

-          Teamwork