Welcome to the Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Home Learning Vlog!
NB Celebration Worship will now take place here.
Special Poem for Y6!
As part of saying farewell to Y6, Staff recited a special poem to mark their exceptional year!
Staff Dance for Y6!
As part of the our Y6 production of A Midsummer's Night Dream, our Y6s learnt a dance. Just as a little surprise, a group of staff learnt and performed the dance for our Y6 children!
Philippa Pearce Award 2020
Mrs. Rose's Dumbledore VE Day Cupcakes!
The Chicks Celebrate VE Day!
4 - Hippy Dippy Crawford
Chick Watch: Day 12
Hello from Shelford School Staff!
4 - Celebration Worship 1/5/20
Chick Watch: Day 9 28/4/20 How have the chicks changed?
Chick Watch: Day 8 - The Story so Far!
Chick Race!
Episode 3 - CrawfArt 
Chick Watch - Day 7 (chicks encounter something green!)
Chick Watch - Day 6 (chicks on holiday at Mr. Grey's house!)
Chick Watch - Day 5 
WarningSome viewers may find the news upsetting.
3 Celebration Worship 24/4/20
Mrs. Rose's Where's Wally Chocolate Marble Cake
Mrs. Ashton Reads 'Tell Me a Dragon'
Chick Watch Day 4: Summary!
Chick Watch Day 4: 23/4/20 Good Morning from the chicks!!
22/4/20 - Newsletter in 60s (well, 63s)
Live Chick Hatching -22/4/20
Chick Watch: Day 2
Chick Watch - Day 1
Update from Mrs. Scott's Blue Tit Nest
Miss Nairac's Marble Run
Creating our Willow Structure in the Meadow
Road to Emmaus - Mrs. Jenkin
Mrs. Rose's Mad Hatter Rocky Road
Episode 2 - Lady Crawford
Happy Easter! First Aid - a script by Mrs. Ward and filmed by Miss Nairac
Episode 1 - Nanny Crawford's New Hobby
Celebration Worship
A Message from Mrs. Unwin and Pip
A Funny Easter Video from the Year 2 Team can be found here.
Mrs. Scott Captures Blue Tits Nesting
Mrs. Clarke Reads Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt
1/4/20 - Newsletter in 60s
Mrs. Rose's Chewbacca Banana Bread Baking
Mrs. Rose's Oompa Loompa Brownie Baking (real-time) 
27/3/20 - Celebration Worship
26/3/20 - Newsletter in 60s!
The Register - 
Michael Rosen's Poem adapted by Miss Nairac for y4!
An introduction to the Home Learning Vlog: Welcome!