Please click below to access daily activities for learning at home this week. The home learning document will also signpost you to links on this page to help (which include the Phonics Menu and the Maths Menu) and external websites. Have fun!!
We've also put together a slideshow below for the children to see what each of them have been up to so far at 'Home School'!
Current Week: Activities and Resources
Continuous Resources
Previous Weeks: Activities and Resources
Throughout the Reception Year we place great importance on helping the children to develop the way that they learn i.e. their 'Characteristics of Effective Learning'. Below are some examples of what this has looked like in practice this year. 
Welcome to our
Reception Class Page
We will be continuing to share our learning here across the year. At the top you will find links to resources which will be relevant at a variety of stages throughout the forthcoming weeks. At the bottom you can scroll down to see what we have been up to so far this year and previous years.
Useful Links
Please see below and to the side for useful websites and resources that you can access to support your child's learning at home throughout the year.
Jolly Phonics
We sing 'Jolly Phonics' songs to help us learn the letter sounds or 'phonemes'. Please click on the links below to sing along to these at home. 
EYFS Websites
PLEASE NOTE: Although we have done our best to check all the websites listed, please check the content  before allowing your children to access them. if you have any concerns about any of the websites, please let us know immediately.
Meet the Teacher Evening
Please see the document below for the presentation given at the 'Meet the Teacher' evening at the beginning of this academic year.
Teaching Team:
Mrs Clarke - Teacher (Mon, Tues, Wed) 
Mrs Unwin - Teacher (Thurs, Fri) 
Mrs Kennedy - TA (Wed am) / HLTA (Tues /Thurs pm)
Mrs Murray / Mrs Warne / Mrs Rose / Mrs Kingman / Mrs Haigh / Mrs Wesley / Mrs Hallebro - TAs throughout the week. 
To learn more about the Early Years Foundation Stage and to see a video of a typical day in Reception, please go to our Curriculum Overview page in the Curriculum and Enrichment section and click on EYFS.
In Reception we introduce children to writing using a pre-cursive script in order to support their development of joined up writing as they progress through the school. To support your children in learning how to form letters correctly, please go to and login using the details provided at the September 'Meet the Teacher' evening. 
Reception 2019 to 2020
Spring Term 1 2020
During this half term we are looking forward to exploring our new topic 'It's Freezing'. We will again be looking at a variety of stories including 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs as well as a number of non-fiction texts to learn about the Arctic and Antarctica and the animals and people that inhabit and visit these places. 
Autumn Term 2 2019
During the second half of this term the children listened to and learnt about a variety of stories including 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper, 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen, 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and a variety of versions of 'The Christmas Story'. 
The children loved making up their own version of the Bear Hunt and retelling it through dance, drama and even the sandpit! 'Pumpkin Soup' was a hit with lots of children, not just because the characters learnt how to share and take turns, but also because we got to make and try our own pumpkin soup. We were so impressed by the number of children that managed to eat it all!! At the end of term we were very proud of all Reception and their Y1 and Y2 friends when they performed their Christmas Play to all their friends and family. 
Please take a look below at some of the fantastic work that the children have produced since October.
Autumn Term 1 2019
Please see below for some photos of our marvellous children settling in to school this term!!
Haven’t they done well?!
The focus of our 'Marvellous Me' project has been for the children in Reception to discover what they can do inside and outside of the classroom. We've been busy exploring the builders' yard, the writing corner, the mud kitchen, the creative corner, the sandpit, the play equipment and much much more!!
Please look below to see some examples of the activities that we've been up to!!
We were also very excited to receive a visit from Mundipharma who taught us all about our marvellous bodies and the bones inside them. We had great fun exploring some real bones and setting up our own 'Teddy Bears' Hospital!!'
Reception 2018-2019
Please scroll down to see examples of activities carried out last year. 
Summer Term 2019
This half term the Reception classroom has been alive with plants and animals!!
The children have loved watching our garden grow and were very excited to add to it ourselves by planting their very own seeds (just like Jack and the Beanstalk!). Luckily no giants have come down, but we're waiting patiently to see if the beans will grow!!
A highlight of the last few weeks was the arrival of our 'living eggs'. Amazingly all 11 eggs hatched out and we even watched some of them emerging!! We were very sad when we had to say goodbye!! Luckily however our classroom was not empty of 'pets' for long as the children helped to take care of 'tadpoles', 'crickets' and 'caterpillars' until they all grew too big ( or transformed) and moved onto new homes. 
We ended the topic with a very successful trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park where we stroked hissing cockroaches, watched red pandas munching on bamboo stalks and even dared walk through the bat tunnel. It was amazing!!
Spring Term 2 2020
During the second half of this spring term we looking forward to starting our theme of 'food' by encouraging the children to explore a range of foods using their senses. Together we will be sharing the story of Handa's surprise to help learn about food and culture around the world. We will also be comparing the stories of 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'The Runaway Chapati' amongst other 'food-related' stories.