Community Sing-a-long Project

Community Sing-a-Long Project
We are about to launch a community sing-a-long project on this page - warm up your singing voices!
Click the file below to open our performance track. Get your phones out and video your whole family - children, parents, staff and governors need to submit their lovely sing-a-long videos. We will work to stitch them together, showing how our amazing community is still tightly knitted at this time of being apart!
(The lyrics are also below!)
Please note, by sharing your video for the project, you give consent for it to be edited as part of the community sing-a-long. This means part of your video may be used within a video shared as part of the school's YouTube Channel and appear on the school website. 

Shelford Sing-a-Long 1


Sure, it's nice to open a gift that's tied up with a perfect bow.
But the greatest present of all was given to me long ago.
It's something I would never trade, it's the family that we've made
'Cause when we're together, I have everything on my list
And when we're together, I have all I wished.
All of Shelford village school seems deserted it's true.
But when we're together, then my favourite gift is you


I would travel miles and miles, and -  I would follow any star

I'd go almost any place, if it's any place you are
'Cause when we're together (when we're together), we'll never feel alone
And when we're together (when we're together), we will feel at home (feel at home)
Doesn't matter where we are, if you're there with me

'Cause when we're together, that's my favourite place to be


Composer: Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson

Performed by: Mr. Grey

Original Song: When We’re Together - Disney (see video below)


If you would like to learn the notes of the melody to be sung, then please use the resources below to practice (note the lyric changes and that our song is shorter). Please feel free to learn one of the harmonies or echos for your performance based on the video below!
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