Mosaic Project

23rd January 2017

If you haven’t already seen the finished mosaic on the wall near the Key Stage 2 entrance, have a look next time you come to the school. We hope that you will agree that it sums up the ethos of the school and the things that are important to us. The workshops were thoroughly enjoyed by all, including the staff and the parent helpers.

The pupils gained much from participating as the comments below show.

"It was great fun to make the mosaic and it was very interesting to see how it was made. It was fun to take part in and it looks really nice now that it is finished."

Year 6

"The mosaic was really fun to make and we all got to have a go. It was hard to cut the tiles but satisfying (that was my favourite bit). It was amazing to see how the mosaic was created from the art work, the digital image and then finally mounted on the wall."

"The mosaic was so much fun to make and it was interesting to see the process and the progress as the tiles were being laid. Everyone had a go and we all thought it was great fun. When the mosaic was finished we were all really excited and proud that we helped to produce it."

"I really enjoyed taking part in the mosaic project. It was so cool to see our designs in real life. I liked seeing how it was made and the finished result is amazing. We were all really involved in the project."

"I enjoyed making the mosaic and cutting and sticking down the tiles with the professionals. It was a very enjoyable experience and the end result is fantastic."

Year 5

"It’s hard to believe it was made by children."

"I think the mosaic project went really well because everybody got to take part."

"I thought it was good because it was like fitting a puzzle. My favourite bit was chopping the pieces."

"It’s AMAZING! I loved helping out to make it."