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Teaching Team:
Mrs Clarke - Teacher (Mon, Tues, Wed) 
Mrs Unwin - Teacher (Thurs, Fri) 
Mrs Kennedy - TA (Thurs) / HLTA (Mon /Thurs pm)
Mrs Murray / Mrs Rose / Mrs Remm / Mrs Harrison - TAs throughout the week. 
To learn more about the Early Years Foundation Stage and to see a video of a typical day in Reception, please go to our Curriculum Overview page in the Curriculum and Enrichment section and click on EYFS.
Reception 2018-2019
Autumn Term 2018
The focus of our 'Marvellous Me' project has been for the children in Reception to discover what they can do inside and outside of the classroom. We've been busy exploring the builders' yard, the writing corner, the mud kitchen, the creative corner, the sandpit, the play equipment and much much more!!
Please look below to see some examples of the activities that we've been up to!!
Meet the Teacher Evening
Please see the document below for the presentation given at the 'Meet the Teacher' evening at the beginning of this academic year.
For information shared at the 'New Parents' Evening' in the Summer Term 2018, please see the 'New Parents' Presentation' document below. 
Jolly Phonics
We sing 'Jolly Phonics' songs to help us learn the letter sounds or 'phonemes'. Please click on the links below to sing along to these at home. 
In Reception we introduce children to writing using a pre-cursive script in order to support their development of joined up writing as they progress through the school. To support your children in learning how to form letters correctly, please go to and login using the details provided at the September 'Meet the Teacher' evening. 
Reception 2017-2018
Summer Term 2018
Shepreth Wildlife Park
We learnt all about animal habitats in the Education Centre and had the chance to handle a giant stick insect and a Giant African Land Snail. We loved observing all the different animals in the park; here are some of our comments:
  • 'I liked seeing the scorpion, because it was scary and I like scary things. 
  • I liked seeing the gecko, because it was stuck on the wall. 
  • I liked touching the rabbit; it felt so soft. 
  • The meerkats were going into their holes. Meerkats keep a lookout because snakes might slither underneath them.
  • I liked the ring tailed lemurs; they were sunbathing. 
  • I liked seeing the tiger, basking on the top of the wooden platform. 
  • It was the best day of my life.'
Great Crested Newts
Mr Arbon kindly brought some crested newts into school for us to handle. We learned that we had to wet our hands first so that we didn't heat the newts up too much. 
Living Eggs
We were very excited to watch as a chick made a little hole in the egg. We could see the egg tooth and finally the egg opened and an exhausted, bedraggled chick had a well earned rest. By the next morning, he was yellow and fluffy! We then watched over the next few days as the chicks' wing feathers developed. 
Spring Term 2018
World Book Day 2018
Reception Class loved dressing up as characters from their favourite book characters and paraded around the hall to show the rest of the school. They listened while staff members and older pupils described their favourite books. Back in the classroom, they enjoyed listening to some of the stories. We made paper dolls after reading the book 'Paper Dolls' and explored repeating patterns on pants after reading 'Aliens love Underpants'. 
Take a look at our great costumes below. 
Visit to The Church of the Good Shepherd
'Turn around and see'
Art Day 2018
The children in Reception had great fun today exploring lots of different forms of art across the school, including print making, colouring mixing and painting. They also enjoyed listening to our resident artist explain all about the felt making process and creating their own real and imaginary animal patterns using crayons, pastels and pens.
Take a look below at some of the great things they produced!!
'It's Freezing' Activities
Spring Term Activities
December 18th R.E. Day Creating Character: Respect, Resilience and Responsibility
Maths Stories
At the beginning of December, Reception Class enjoyed a morning of maths stories with Marion Leeper. Marion told a Christmas story; Father Christmas lost his presents out of his sack. Reception Class experimented to find out which of the present rolled back down the hill, which slid and which stayed still. 
Pumpkin Soup
Reception Class have been reading the book 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper. Today we learned how to use a sharp knife safely to chop the pumpkin. At the end of the day we enjoyed the pumpkin soup.