Our Chick Diary

Our Chick Diary 2021
Please scroll down below to see updates on our 'Living Eggs' project. 
Chick Watch Day 1: 
We are very excited that our eggs have arrived today! There are ten eggs waiting to hatch. We are keeping the temperature at 37 degrees to keep them safe. The children have also been making posters to remind each other about how to look after them. 
Even though we can’t touch the living eggs, we were excited that today we were able to hold one of the eggs that Mr Grey brought in which was laid by his hen which grew from one of the eggs we had last year! Wow!
Chick Watch:Day 2
8am. Nothing yet, but watch the video carefully...can you see a wobble?
3pm We’ve checked there is still water and the temperature is correct. We’re hoping something may happen tomorrow!