The Work of the Governing Board

The Headteacher, staff and Governors all work to maintain and improve the standard of education provided in Great and Little Shelford Primary School. The Headteacher is responsible for the leadership and management of the school whereas the role of the governing body is to support, monitor and share in the strategic direction of the school.

The activities of the governing body are reported to parents through the published minutes of Governors’ meetings and the Governors’ News section of school letters.


Governor Objectives

As governors we focus on:

  • setting goals for school improvement
  • monitoring progress towards them
  • acting as a critical friend for the school

We help the school to maintain its ethos, fulfil its legal obligations and achieve its aims.

To help set the most appropriate goals for school improvement, as 
governors we:

  • know enough about the school to be able to suggest areas for improvement
  • work with the Senior Leadership Team to pick the right goals and frame them in the most helpful way
  • know how to check progress towards the goals and use those feedback mechanisms

We see staff well-being as critical to school improvement. Through the well-being working party we will engage with staff in finding practical ways to improve well-being. This includes stripping away non-essential governor activities and, wherever possible, using documents for governor business that staff have prepared for other purposes. Focussing on what is essential will also help to reduce governor workload.

We are clear on the skills needed to act as effective Governors. 
Individual governors are clear on the skills they need to perform their roles efficiently and well. Governors also know where they most need training and regularly seek training to bridge those gaps.

The Governors hold a Shelford School Support fund, designed to support children of the school. The fund has charitable status and is separate from the school budget and the PTA. Many pupils have been supported through this - either individually with funds towards trips that they otherwise wouldn't be able to attend, or whole-school projects like refurbishing buildings.
We are always very grateful for donations. If you are able to 'gift aid' your donation, we would be most grateful (form below).