Values and Ethos

At Shelford School we work together to safeguard our pupils and to enable them to attain the highest standards of academic achievement. We encourage them to be confident and successful within an orderly, secure and Christian environment and to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.
This statement of purpose forms the basis for all that we do. Underpinned by deeply Christian values, our vision embraces the spiritual, physical, intellectual, moral and social development of our children. Our Aims plan for them to flourish within in a framework of excellence in all areas.
The statement of purpose and aims were re-written in a child friendly format some years ago by the children and staff - they have stood the test of time and are well-known by everyone. Known as the Shelford Star Valuesthey form the framework by which the school is run and provide positive motivation for the children for all aspects of their personal and school lives. 
Be Happy. Be Busy. Be Safe. Be Healthy. Be Organised. Reflect. Celebrate. Be an Enthusiastic Learner.
Our eighth value, Be an Enthusiastic Learner, is expanded further by our Secrets of Success. These meta-cognition strategies from Chris Quigley Education are used by teaching teams in Years 1-6 to help our children take responsibility for their learning and to become independent thinkers. Children in the Foundation Stage follow the Characteristics of Effective Learning.
Also see our policies for our behaviour policy which shows how we put these values into practice.