Year 1

Welcome to our Class Page
 Teaching Team:
  • Miss Beck - Teacher 
  • Mrs Crawford -  HLTA - Wednesday afternoon
  • Mrs Crawford,Mrs Harrison, Mrs Kingman, Ms Marshall, Mrs Page, Mrs Remm and Mrs Rose  - TAs throughout the week
Take a look at our book reviews. Maybe you will find a book that you would like to read too.
Take a look at some of our super home learning...
The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch
Fantastic models of the setting of the story. Perfect for retelling the story.
Mean Mixtures!
Home Learning
Let's Explore - Kenya

Dear Year 1,

I hope that you are all well and that you have managed to get into your gardens this weekend. We have spent the past few 'Forest Friday' sessions looking for signs of spring and this weekend spring has truly arrived. 

Over the next few weeks things will be different, as Mr Grey has explained. Each day you will find new activities on this page to complete at home. Your parents will email one of these to me each day. As well as completing these, make sure you do lots of the things that you enjoy most. I hope that sometimes your parents will be able to join in with you - there is lots you can learn together and many things you can teach them too. 

We will continue to have a ‘Star of the Day’ – no need for hands up, just add what makes today’s star a star when emailing me today’s task.

To help you to keep in contact with your friends you are now able to send messages to each other using Purple Mash. Just login like you do at school and then type 2Email into the search box. Remember your lessons about internet safety and send appropriate messages to each other.

I look forward to seeing your home learning.

Miss Beck

Spring Term - Toys

Spring Term Project Activities for Home

We invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term. 

1. Investigate your toys at home.

Have a look at some of your toys at home. Can you find a toy that can move, a toy that makes a sound and a toy that lights up? How do you make them work? Do you need to push a button? Do they have batteries? Talk to a grown-up about how your toys work. Maybe you could ask your parents about their childhood toys and compare them to your own. You could write or make labelled drawings to show what you have found out.

2. Play a game with your family.

Play a game with some members of your family where you all take turns and follow rules. It might be a board game, a card game or a different type of game. Think about why it is important to take turns and follow the rules when you are playing games.

3. Create and solve some maths problems.

e.g. There are 4 teddy bears in the toy box. How many eyes are there altogether? You could draw a picture to illustrate the answer as well as recording the equation.

Science Week
Throughout the week we enjoyed a variety of Science activities, from assemblies led by Scientists, to workshops and carrying out our own experiements in class. 
Here you can see pictures from some of these activities:
Susanna teaching us about how easily germs spread and so how important it is to wash our hands properly.
Making and testing land yachts.
Our magnet challenge - How can you get the paper clip out of the cup of water without getting wet?
Our ice rescue - How can you free the characters who are trapped in the ice?
Forest Friday
On our first Forest Friday of the term we spent our morning exploring sticks in the meadow, trying to decide which ones would be best for making a fire. We shared our ideas while warming up with a mug of hot chocolate. Mrs Clarke gave us lots of tips about the best types of sticks and other things we would need. We also learnt about staying safe.
We have also enjoyed our first fire, toasting marshmallows, exploring on a cold and frosty morning, retelling the story of Superworm, cloud watching and building nests. We have also continued to work on our own projects including carving hedgehogs, making sea-saws, hunting for worms and other minibeasts, building dens and digging!
This week we have been focusing on addition. 
Autumn Term - All About Me
Helping your child at home
Here are a few suggestions of how you can help your child at home:
Reading with your child - a few minutes every day is more beneficial than one or two longer sessions a week.
Practising letter and number formation.
Counting to 20 (or beyond), forwards and backwards, and reading and writing the numerals.
Naming the days of the week in order.
Number bonds to 10 (4 + 1 = 5, 2 + 5 = 7, 3 + 7 = 10)
Read some of the Year 1 Common Exception Words
Practising the graphemes taught in Reception along with new ones in Year 1. Look out for words that contain these!

A few more ideas...

Look at the clock, can you tell the time? (to the hour and half past) - put up an analogue clock in the house if you don't currently have one.

Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Practise spelling some of the Year 1 Common Exception Words.

Share stories, school books, library books, books from home, stories your child has written - reading should be fun!

Count to 100, forwards and backwards, and read and write the numerals.

Reciting the alphabet - be particularly careful with L M N O

Autumn Term Project Activities for Home
We invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
1. Ask questions to find out about life in the past.
In class we will be comparing life today with that of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. You could think of some questions to ask at home to find out more about what school was like, what they did at the weekends, what games they played etc.
2. Design and make your own healthy snack.
You could draw your design, write instructions and ask your family to tell you what they think about your creation.
3. Create a timeline of your life.
You could make this using photos or drawings. Ask your parents questions about what you were like as a baby and about what some of your favourite things were. Think about how these have changed now that you are 5 or 6.
We had great fun sharing our baby photos in school. In groups we tried to guess who each of the photos was of (trying very hard to keep quiet about our own photo). Some baby pictures were easy to identify but others really made us think. It was great to think about many of the ways that we have changed since these pictures were taken.
We were very excited to be visited by Lisa from Mundipharma. She brought along 'Indian Bones' and lots of interesting pictures. During our session in the hall we learnt some amazing facts about bones. Back in the classroom we had a go at recreating human skeletons using big jigsaws and paper and pens.
This week our focus has been on RE. After exploring the natural world during last week's 'Forest Friday' session we thought about the creator of the world. We listened to the Christian Creation story and then sequenced pictures to retell the story. Everyone also created their own design for the front cover of their RE books on the theme of creation.
Forest Fridays
Take a look at some of the things we have done in the pictures below.
There are always lots of maths activities going on both inside and outside of our classroom. Here you can see some of the ways we are practising what we have been taught in our lessons.
We also sing lots of songs and play games in our lessons, this is really helping us to remember what we have been taught. You can find some of the songs and games below.
Beginning and Belonging
Our first week in school had a PSHE focus. During this time we enjoyed being together as a class again after the long summer holidays. We talked about what we had done during the holidays and what we were looking forward to in Year 1.
We spent time becoming familiar with our new classroom and class routines. After thinking about how to keep ourselves safe and happy Year 1 we worked together to create a set of class rules.
In addition to this we played games to help us to explore the similarities and differences between ourselves and other members of the class.