Year 1: 2016-17

Summer Term B - The Seaside
Summer Term A - Pirates
Helping your child at home
Spelling number words to twenty
Naming and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans - could you find out some interesting facts about them?
Read and spell all of the Year 1 Common Exception words
Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
Year 1 Pirate Day!
Much fun was had by all on our Pirate Day, here's some of our favourite bits:
"I liked Pirate Day it was fun. I especially liked the costumes."
"I liked the Pirate Day because I drew an anchor on my left arm and it looked like I was big, strong and fit." 
"I liked playing pirates on the climbing frame."
"I enjoyed making the boats."
Below you can see some of the fantastic costumes and the pirate ships that we made and tested on the day - they all floated.
Why do boats float?
This half term we have carried out our own experiments to find out what objects float and which sink. Our predictions were quite good but then we got asked a very tricky question... "Why do big heavy metal boats float?"
We were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Beer who was able to answer this question. He brought in a single skull and we were surprised to find out that it was hollow (and full of air). We also learnt about how the shape of boat is important.
We couldn't believe that the oars could be twice as long as the ones that Mr Beer brought in to show us - they would reach higher than the roof of our classroom!
In our PE lessons this half term we have been working on our tennis skills. We have needed to listen carefully to instructions, make sure we have control of the ball and have a strong wrist. It has been exciting to try out new skills and see others improve. We particularly enjoyed doing upsies!
Oceans and Continents
This half term we are working hard to learn the names of the seven continents and five oceans. This game has been a fun way for us to test our knowledge and keep practising -
We have also enjoyed looking at the atlases in our class book corner. Some of us have made up games to play together and can now remember some of the countries that can be found in each continent!
Spring Term B - Clothes
Helping your child at home
Understanding the fractions a half and a quarter (of shapes, quantities and amounts).
Measuring length, capacity and weight - have fun with water, baking or playing in the sand.
Practising spelling number words to ten (the number wrap below might help)
Naming the months of the year in order
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Number Words
We have been working hard on learning to spell our number words, from one to ten. This number rap has really helped us.
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T-shirt Presentation
After working hard this half term to design and create our own T-shirts we were excited (and a little nervous) when the day of our T-shirt Presentation came. It was great fun to share our work with an audience. Thank you for coming to watch.
Year 1 Multi-skills Festival
We were very excited to take part in our first school tournament. We competed against the Year 1 children from Stapleford School in a range of activities. At the end the scores were counted and Stapleford were the winners. We had lots of fun and are looking forward to taking part in more tournaments in the future.
Spring Term A - Toys
Helping your child at home
A few more ideas...
Counting in 10s from any number.
Doubles (to 12) and halves (to 24).
Telling the time to the half hour, and thinking about what happens at different times throughout the day.
Counting in 2s.
Toys Workshop
Mrs Conway came in to visit us. She brought in toys that she used to play with when she was a little girl. We enjoyed spending time playing with all the toys. They were very different to the toys we have at home. 
Autumn Term B - Celebrations Around the World
Helping your child at home
In addition to suggestions last half term you could also...
Look at the clock, can you tell the time? (to the hour) - put up an analogue clock in the house if you don't currently have one.
Count in 10s, from 10.
Keep practising reading the Year 1 Common Exception words, and maybe learn to spell a few.
Share stories, school books, library books, books from home, stories your child has written - reading should be fun!
Count to 100, forwards and backwards, and read and write the numerals.
Reciting the alphabet - be particularly careful with L M N O
Christingle Day
We had a busy morning working with Year 4 as Christingle Detectives. We learnt all about what the different parts of the Christingle represent. Afterwards we made our own Christingles.
Christmas with the Aliens
This half term we have worked hard to prepare for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Nativity. It was great to perform for an audience.
We all helped to make the school mosaic, carefully placing small tiles to create pictures.
Our Class Assembly
Performing 'Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds' in our class assembly.
Firefighter Visit
The first celebration we learnt about was Bonfire Night.
We had a visit from a firefighter who taught us how to stay safe around fireworks.  
Autumn Term A - All About Me
Helping your child at home
Reading with your child - a few minutes every day is more beneficial than one or two longer sessions a week.
Practising letter and number formation.
Counting to 20, forwards and backwards, and reading and writing the numerals.
Naming the days of the week in order.
Number bonds to 10 (3 + 7 = 10)
Read some of the Year 1 Common Exception Words
Practising the graphemes taught in Reception along with new ones in Year 1. Look out for words that contain these!
Fruit Faces 
As the 'Big Finish' to our 'All About Me' topic we designed and made healthy snacks.
We shared our fruit faces with the children in Reception.
Starting Year 1
In the first few weeks of term we took time to learn the classroom rules and enjoyed using different resources.