Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
Year 2's Art Competition Submissions
Teaching Team:
  • Classroom Teacher: Miss Bachewich
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Harrison, Mrs Smith, Mrs Crawford, Miss Marshall and Miss Sullivan
  • PPA Cover: Mr Grey
Topic - Fairy Tales
Spring Term 2 Week 1 22.02.21
Home Learning Plan
Topic: Superheroes
Autumn Term 1 Project Activities for Home
Here are some activities to compliment the topic work that we are doing at school. There will be time to share your projects on the last day of this half term. 
1. Superhero Den. Paint, draw or make a superhero den or hideout. The den might be hidden beneath a volcano or hidden beneath the sea. Be creative! 
2. Superhero Vehicle. Make a vehicle for a superhero. Remember to give it special features. You could use your learning from last half term and add wheels and axles. 
3. Superhero Costume. Design and make a superhero costume for a new superhero of your choice. 
4. Research. Research traditional superheroes. Which one is your favourite? Have superheroes changed over the years? 
5. Geography. If you were a superhero where would you choose to live? Somewhere like Antarctica or maybe somewhere hot like Africa? Use a globe or a map and find a place for your superhero to live. Research the place and then write about it or make a poster to share with the class. 
6. Your Hero. Write about someone who is a hero to you. This can be someone in your family or someone who helps you. Bring a photo to share with the class. 
7. Comics. Write your own superhero comic or story about your own superhero. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Do they have a sidekick? Who is the villain? 
8. Theme Song. Make up your own rhyme or song about a real superhero or one that you have made. Listen to other superhero theme songs to get inspiration. 
Topic: The Great Fire of London
The Big Burn
To conclude our topic on The Great Fire of London we made Tudor houses and recreated The Great Fire of London. Afterwards we discussed how people might have felt if their house had of burned down in The Great Fire of London. 
Design and Technology
For our design and technology project we created our own fire engines. We began by looking at modern day fire engines and their features. Then we looked at wheels, axles and chassis and we learned how to put all of the pieces together. Next examined different materials and made sketches of our fire engines. Finally, we used different materials to create our fire engines and evaluated our finished product. 
We have had a lot of fun learning about the Great Fire of London. We created Tudor houses using cereal boxes, put out fires in the church garden (pretend ones of course), became town criers to warn people about the Great Fire and had a special visit from Samuel Pepys. Take a look at some of the photos below!
Forest School
We have been having a lot of fun during forest school with Mrs Clarke as we learn about fire. We have learned about different types of trees, created our own self portraits (which are in the hall), learned about fire safety and even got to roast our own marshmallows. This past week we got some sticks ready so that we can bake some dough over the fire this week. 
The Great Fire of London Dance
In Year 2 we have been very busy in our PE lessons doing circuits and dance. Our dance is all about our topic. We began our unit by using our bodies to represent the start of flames and have begun to create a motif inspired by a Great Fire of London poem. See some of the photos from our sessions. 
Autumn Term 1 Project Activities for Home
Here are some activities to compliment the topic work that we are doing at school. There will be time to share your projects on the last day of this half term. 
1. Diary Entry. Imagine that you lived in London during the Great Fire. Write a diary entry to describe what happened and how you felt. 
2. Design. The Great Fire has happened and you need to design a new city. How would you design your city to prevent the the spread of another fire? 
3. Get Arty. Create your own silhouette of the city during the fire. 
4. Great Fire of London Family Walk. Take a walk in London and look for the different monuments 
and areas. There is a family walk that you can book that can be found here: Take photos and bring them to class!
5. Visit the Museum of London. There is a great exhibition on War, Plague and Fire at the Museum of London. Write a recount of your visit and include pictures. 
Y2 Maths Summary:
Approximate summaries of maths coverage throughout Y2.