Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
Teaching Team:
  • Miss Bachewich
  • Mrs Kellock - TA (Monday to Friday mornings) and HLTA (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Mrs Rose - TA (Monday to Friday mornings)
  • Mrs. Dasher - TA (Monday and Friday afternoons)
  • Miss Wesley - TA (Tuesday to Thursday afternoons)
This page will be updated regularly to show what we have been getting up to in class.
Please see below for links to our timetable, topic overview.
Year 2's have been settling in quite well thus far. This week we learned what our topic would be for the Autumn Term by doing a scavenger hunt to find letters to unveil our topic which is...... CHOCOLATE. We played a fun chocolate game where we had to dress up as Charlie Bucket as fast as we could and we had to use a fork and knife to try to open our chocolate bar! During literacy we are focusing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for our writing inspiration. 
Autumn Term Project Activities for Home
I invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
  1. Do some research on the Cadbury Family. You could make a poster, design a leaflet or even produce a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Do some baking with chocolate as the main ingredient! Write out the recipe and the method. You could even make your own Chocolate Cook Book with a variety of chocolate recipes!
  3. Design a sweet shop. Draw the sweets for sale and give them prices. Then create some word problems relating to your sweets, e.g. The Candy Balloons cost 12p each. How much would three Candy Balloons cost?  I buy a Wonka Bar for 35p and pay with a 50p coin. How much change do I get?