Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
Teaching Team:
  • Classroom Teacher: Miss Bachewich
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Rose, Mrs Cusano, Mrs Haigh, Miss Newman, Mrs Hallebro and Mrs Smith
Topic: China
Spring Term 1 Project Activities for Home
Here are some activities to compliment the topic work that we are doing at school. There will be time to share your projects on Tuesday 1st of February.
1. Dragon Animation. Use an animation program to animate a simple dragon dancing. 
2. Chinese Dragon Puppet. Create a Chinese dragon puppet and create a dance for it. 
3. Learn to use chopsticks. Make some noodles and practice eating with chopsticks. 
4. Calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy is beautiful. Find examples for children to look at, then let them try doing their own with fine brushes and black paint. 
5. Dragon Dance. Show children a Dragon dance video and see if they can come up with their own dance. 
6. Language. Learn to speak Mandarin which is the official language of China. 
7. Landmarks. Create your own version of one of China's famous landmarks. You could create your own Terracotta Army out of clay or build your own Great Wall of China. 
8. Chinese Food. Visit a Chinese restaurant or make your own Chinese food at home. 
Topic: Heroes and Heroines
Digital Photography
This half term in Computing we are learning about Digital Photography. For our first lesson we were challenged to use an iPad to take photos of a building, a person (asking their permission first), a close-up of an object, an action shot, a selfie and something in the distance. Here are some of the photos from our lesson. Can you guess what type of photograph we took? 
Superhero Training
To kick start our topic of Heroes and Heroines, we began by making our own superhero masks and began our superhero training. Throughout this half term we will be doing different challenges to build up our superhero skills. See some of the photos from our training! 
Autumn Term 1 Project Activities for Home
Here are some activities to compliment the topic work that we are doing at school. There will be time to share your projects on Monday 13th of December.
1. Real Heroes. Learn about figures from history who could be considered as heroes, for example Florence Nightingale, Nelson Mandela, Ernest Shackleton or choose your own person. Create a PowerPoint, poster or fact file to share your information. 
2. Superhero Outfit. Using materials from home, create your own superhero outfit. What might your superhero name be? What might your superpower be? 
3. Keeping Safe in the Community. Make a poster showing all of the people that can help you and other children, to keep safe. 
4. Superhero Tune. Listen to various superhero tunes, e.g. Superman or Batman. Compose a superhero theme tune. Consider tempo, dynamics and pitch to relate to the stature and personality of a hero. 
5. Animation. Create a superhero animation using stick puppets cut outs or hand puppets. 
6. Superhero vehicle. Investigate friction. Design and make a superhero car then compare how well it travels over different surfaces. 
7. Andy Warhol. Learn about the artist and his pop art style. Create a comic book cover in his style. 
Topic: The Great Fire of London
The Big Burn
To end our topic of The Great Fire of London, we created Tudor houses and lit them on fire. We discussed how we felt about our boxes burning and made a comparison to how people might have felt when their houses burned down. We want to say a big thank you to Miss Smith and Mrs Ward who ensured all the safety measures where in place to have a safe fire. 
Firefighter Visitors
We were very lucky to have a visit from the local firefighters in Year 1 and Year 2. We learned all about Fire Safety and even got to see the Fire Engine and hoses. We discussed the importance of having a Fire Safety Plan and testing out smoke detectors each month. A big THANK YOU to Firefighter Kate for organising the visit for our classes!
History Off the Page
On Thursday 14th of October the Year 2 class had a visit from Master Patrick from History Off the Page to run a Great Fire of London themed day. The children engaged in many different activities and participated in different role play opportunities. We had a great day! Take a look at some of our pictures from the day!
Autumn Term 1 Project Activities for Home
Here are some activities to compliment the topic work that we are doing at school. There will be time to share your projects on the last day of this half term. 
1. Diary Entry. Imagine that you lived in London during the Great Fire. Write a diary entry to describe what happened and how you felt. 
2. Design. The Great Fire has happened and you need to design a new city. How would you design your city to prevent the the spread of another fire? 
3. Get Arty. Create your own silhouette of the city during the fire. 
4. Great Fire of London Family Walk. Take a walk in London and look for the different monuments 
and areas. There is a family walk that you can book that can be found here: Take photos and bring them to class!
5. Visit the Museum of London. There is a great exhibition on War, Plague and Fire at the Museum of London. Write a recount of your visit and include pictures. 
Y2 Maths Summary:
Approximate summaries of maths coverage throughout Y2.