Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
Teaching Team:
  • Miss Bachewich
  • Mrs Rose-TA (Monday to Friday mornings)
  • Mrs Cusano-TA (Monday and Tuesday all day)
  • Mrs Hallebro-TA (Wednesday and Friday mornings)
  • Mrs Haigh-TA (Wednesday to Friday afternoons)
  • Mrs Kennedy - TA (Thursday morning) and HLTA (Wednesday afternoon)
Topic: The Great Fire of London
Spring Term 1 Project Activities for Home
Here are some activities to compliment the topic work that we are doing at school. There will be time to share your projects on the last day of this half term. 
1. Diary Entry. Imagine that you lived in London during the Great Fire. Write a diary entry to describe what happened and how you felt. 
2. Design. The Great Fire has happened and you need to design a new city. How would you design your city to prevent the the spread of another fire. 
3. Get Arty. Create your own silhouette of the city during the fire. 
4. Visit a local fire station. Take photos and share them with the class. Create a poster about fire safety. 
5. Great Fire of London Family Walk. Take a walk in London and look for the different monuments 
and areas. There is a family walk that you can book that can be found here: Take photos and bring them to class!
6. Visit the Museum of London. There is a great exhibition on War, Plague and Fire at the Museum of London. Write a recount of your visit and include pictures. 
Topic: China
This week we made our own spring rolls from scratch. We used a number of different skills along the way such as cutting, grating, peeling and mixing to name a few. We had a lot of fun along the way. Thank you to Mrs Carrothers, Mrs Patterson, Mrs Dootson and Mrs Evans for their help with this! 
Happy Chinese New Year!
We have had a very eventful week in the Year 2 class this week! We started our week by having a delicious lunch made by the kitchen staff of fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and spring rolls. Soon after Ms Wong from the kitchen came to our class and showed us different parts of Chinese culture. She also performed a short new years song for us. See the video for the lovely performance! 
Spirit Faces
This week in forest school we used clay to make tree spirit faces. Take a look at our creativity skills! 
Forest Friday
This week we had our Forest Friday. We took the afternoon to re-explore the wildlife garden! See some of our pictures from the afternoon. 
This week we began our new gymnastics unit on cityscapes and landscapes. The focus of this unit is to use our body to make different shapes and movement related to different physical geography. We will develop our body tension, control, agility and balance. We began this unit by using our bodies to make hills and mountains. We practiced different doing the log roll and the egg roll. 
During the afternoons this week we have been focusing on PSHE. We discussed our different strengths and skills and even came up with some skills that we wanted to develop before moving into Year 3. In addition to this we focused on our interactions with others including: explaining, good listening, turn taking, cooperation, persuading and working within a group. We did a number of fun activities and you can see a few of our favorites in the pictures. One of the activities that we did is we had to pass around a ball with our hands behind our backs and we couldn't bend our knees. The second activity that you will see us doing is we all had to hold hands and pass a hula hoop around the circle without letting our each others hands. Finally, our  favorite activity began with Miss Bachewich and Mrs Cusano putting a colored sticker on our backs without us seeing. We had to arrange ourselves into groups based on our colored sticker without talking or touching one another. 
Spring Term 1 Project Activities for Home
Here are some activities to compliment the topic work that we are doing at school. There will be time to share your projects on the last day of this half term. 
1. Supermarket Sweep. Visit the local grocery store and try to find different foods that are traditional Chinese foods. Write down the name, price and draw a picture of the item. 
2. The Great Wall of China. Create your own 3D model, in detail, of The Great Wall of China. 
3. China Information Poster. Create your own poster with information about China and do some research on the internet. 
4. Postcards from China. Imagine you are on a holiday in China and you have been to visit one of the amazing landmarks. Write a postcard to a friend to tell them all about what you have seen, where you have been and what you think of the landmark. Don't forget to write your friend's address or the school address. You can even design your own stamp. 
5. Chinese Dragon. Create your own Chinese Dragon that you can create a dance with out of cardboard and fabric. There are many different resources for this online!
Topic: The Gunpowder Plot
In Science we have been discussing living things and their habitats. We started our first science lesson by discussing the difference between living, dead or never been alive. We took our science outside to see if we could find things that fit into these three categories. At the end of the lesson since the Year 4 class had made a nice pile of leaves we decided to jump in the leaves which turned into a leaf fight! We had a lot of fun. Last week we discussed different habitats that animals can live in. We went to the meadow to see if we could find some living things in their habitats and recorded this information through a drawing. Look at our pictures to see the fun we have been having!
Pumpkin Soup
In Literacy the past two weeks our class has been using the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper to inspire our writing and creativity. We have used the book to write letters, discuss how to be good friends, learned how to use adjectives and start writing expanded noun phrases. This past week we worked on retelling stories. We did this through drama and story maps and at the end of the week we wrote our own retelling of the story. Check out some of the pictures when we did our retelling of the story through role play. 
Parent Briefing
Thank you to everyone who attended the Year 2 Parent Briefing. I hope that you found the session useful and you enjoyed the children's performance. I am uploading the parent presentation for those who missed it. Unfortunately, due to copyright rules, I am not able to upload the activity that we did. I can however print out the activity if you would like a copy. Feel free to let me know at the gate or send me an email through the office! 
Autumn Term 2 Project Activities for Home
I invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
  1. Make some Parkin Cake. Parkin Cake is traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night. Try it at home and eat it on Bonfire Night or bring it  to school to share.
  2. Make your own fireworks! There are many different websites and videos for children to make their own fireworks using science. Take a video and bring it to school!
  3. Create a diorama of the Houses of Parliament or even go visit the Houses of Parliament. Take photos of your visit. If you plan to make a diorama show Guy Fawkes in the cellar underneath with barrels of gunpowder. 
  4. Go to a Bonfire Night Celebration. Take some photos and bring them into class to share. 
Topic: Chocolate
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day
To end our topic of chocolate we celebrated by having a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day. Our class dressed up, played some fun games and even watched the movie. See some pictures from our fun day!
Chocolate Bars
As part of our topic of chocolate this term we invented our own chocolate bars! We started by trying different types of existing chocolate bars to determine what we liked and what we didn't like. Next, we evaluated different chocolate bar wrappers to determine what a good chocolate bar wrapper looks like. We then thought about different types of ingredients that we could use and surveyed others in the class before deciding on our final ingredients. Next we came up with our own chocolate bar name and created our first design. We then made our chocolate bars and created our wrapper. Take a look at our wonderful creations! 
Mundipharma Workshop
Year 2 were lucky to have a visit from Lisa from Mundipharama to teach us about how digestion works. We worked through the process of digestion from breaking down food with our 'teeth' to the adding of 'digestive fluids' to the final product...I think you know what happens at the end. The children were very engaged and asked a lot of great questions. See some of our photos from the day!
The Chocolate Museum
The Year 2 class had a wonderful trip to The Chocolate Museum. We learned about the history of chocolate and the different stages that it takes to make chocolate. The second part of the workshop we got to make some tasty chocolate pieces. Take a look at our pictures from our lovely day out!
During Science we have been learning about eating healthy foods. The Year 2 were challenged to create a healthy snack for the Year 4 class. We came up with ideas for a healthy snack and we decided which items we wanted to give them. We arranged the food for them and gave them a snack during the afternoon. You wouldn't have been able to tell that they had lunch that day because they ate the snack right up!
Religious Education
During RE we have been discussing the creation story and ways in which Christians can take care of the world for God. Our class has been interested in finding ways in which we can help out. One way that we thought we could help out was by picking up rubbish on our playground. However, since our caretaker did such a lovely job of cleaning the school grounds we decided to investigate our rubbish bins to see how much we are throwing out that can be recycled and composted. We found lots of items can be recycled and composted! 
In our Maths this half term we have been learning about place value and how this can help us with our maths. We have been using different concrete materials to help us represent numbers and create number facts. Take a look at some of our work this term. 
Our focus this term in literacy has been around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have been loving this book and it has provided us with a number of different literacy opportunities. This week we created our own telephone conversation between Charlie Bucket and Mr Willy Wonka. You can see pictures and a video of one of the conversation below.
Meet the Teacher Evening
Thank-you to those that attended the Meet the Teacher evening. It was great to meet you! In case you missed the meeting, here is the Powerpoint. I made sure to send home the handout from the session. 
Parent Briefing
Thank you to all parents who attended the Parent Briefing on Friday. It was great to see you and I hope that you enjoyed our performance. I am posting the Power Point presentation but because of copyright rules from the website I got the activity from, I am unable to post the activity. If you would like an extra copy please let me know and I can print off a copy for you. 
Autumn Term 1 Project Activities for Home
I invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
  1. Do some research on the Cadbury Family. You could make a poster, design a leaflet or even produce a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Do some baking with chocolate as the main ingredient! Write out the recipe and the method. You could even make your own Chocolate Cook Book with a variety of chocolate recipes!
  3. Design a sweet shop. Draw the sweets for sale and give them prices. Then create some word problems relating to your sweets, e.g. The Candy Balloons cost 12p each. How much would three Candy Balloons cost?  I buy a Wonka Bar for 35p and pay with a 50p coin. How much change do I get?