Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
Teaching Team:
  • Miss Bachewich
  • Mrs Kellock - TA (Monday to Friday mornings) and HLTA (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Mrs Rose - TA (Monday to Friday mornings and Tuesday afternoons)
  • Mrs. Dasher - TA (Monday and Friday afternoons)
  • Miss Wesley - TA (Wednesday andThursday afternoons)
Topic: The Seaside
Ascension Day
After attending the Ascension Day Service we walked to one of the nearby parks for picnic and play. We couldn't ask for a more beautiful day! We had a lot of fun and got to visit the new play park. 
Year 2 Multi-skills Festival
Year 2 walked to Stapleford School for the Year 2 Multi-skills Festival. Although we were a bit tired from our walk we pushed through and won. The children showed excellent sportsmanship and were very supportive of one another. 
Morris Men
Our school was lucky to have the Morris Men come visit us. Even some of our class got the opportunity to learn a dance! See some of our photos from the day. 
Gardens and Allotments
Our science topic this term is gardens and allotments. We began by creating our own allotment designs in groups and then as a class we voted on the allotment we liked the best. We then prepared the soil by digging and removing weeds. We then took turns planting our seeds for radishes, carrots, sweet peas, cucumbers and some flowers. 
Seaside Day
We began our topic by having a seaside afternoon. Year 2 had the opportunity to play in the sand and play in the water. The highlight of our afternoon was making our own ice cream using science. 
Summer Term Project Activities for Home
I invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
  1. Design a Sandcastle Draw and design your own sandcastle.What shape will it be? Will it have a moat? Will it have flags, windows or doors? If you have sand available build your design. 
  2. Acrostic Write an acrostic poem using the word SEASIDE.
  3. Art Draw or paint your own seaside picture or create a seaside mosaic. 
  4. Compare Pick a seaside destination in another country and compare and contrast them to a seaside in the UK. 
  5. Design a Seaside Resort Create your own seaside resort. Will your resort have shops? Activities? Where will it be (look for a suitable place on a map)? You could create your own map, or a model.
  6. History Look at holiday destinations from a particular period and investigate similarities and differences. 
  7. Visit the Seaside Go on a day trip to the seaside and create a postcard telling the class about your visit. Or send a postcard from the seaside to the class.  
Topic: The Great Fire of London
The Big Burn
Year 2 worked very hard to replicate Tudor houses during the time of the Great Fire of London through our Design and Technology lessons. We set up our own Pudding Lane with our houses and set them on fire. We discovered similar to the Great Fire of London, that since the houses were so close together they quickly lit on fire! 
Grandparent's Day
As part of our school's Lenten Challenge we decided to invite our grandparents for an afternoon in our classroom. We spent a nice afternoon learning about what life was like for our grandparents when they were younger and we shared some tea and treats. Thank-you to the grandparents for taking time out of your day to come visit us!
History Off the Page
For our topic of the Great Fire of London we had History Off the Page come to visit. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot! Thank-you to the parent volunteers who helped ensure our day could happen. 
Friendship Fridays
Year 2 has been excited to start Friendship Friday's this half term. The purpose of these days is to focus on how to be a good friend through fair play, cooperation, teamwork and problem solving. We create our own set of rules that we focus on for each session in the hopes of being the best friends we can be. Our first session involved us trying to get across the field with only two hula hoops. The catch was that we weren't able to touch the lava unless we were in a hoop. We also couldn't walk and move in the hoop at the same time. This past Friday we split into groups and played different board games. See some of the pictures from our learning. 
World Book Day
We had a lot of fun on World Book Day this year! There were many fabulous costumes and books. Take a look at some our pictures from the day. 
Tudor Houses
After learning about the features of Tudor Houses and designing our own, we have officially begun construction of them. Some of us even constructed Thomas Farriner's bakery and some churches. Last week we started to build the houses and this week we will begin to paint them. See some of our pictures to see our progress so far!
Looking Ahead: Spring Term 2
I have posted a link for the weekly schedule for Spring Term 2 for those who are interested. Here is an idea of what will be covered in key subjects:
Topic: We will be creating our Tudor Houses using the boxes that parents have provided (thank-you again)!
Science: We will be looking at plants. 
Literacy: The writing focus this term will be Ourselves. 
Maths: We will be finishing up shapes and looking into fractions. 
Key Dates:
Thursday, March 7th: World Book Day
Tuesday, March 12th: History Off the Page: Great Fire of London Day
Friday, March 15th: Year 2 Parent Briefing
Design and Technology
This half term our focus in design and technology has been creating moving pictures of fairy tales. We learned how to create wheels, levers and sliders to make our pictures of fairy tales more interesting. Once we learned how to create these mechanisms we created a design of our own moving pictures for The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We chose which mechanisms we liked best. Once we finished creating our design we showed them to our target audience the reception class. 
This term our literacy has been all around the topic of Zoos. We began by reading Zoo by Anthony Browne and went on our own imaginary zoo tour. Following this we did a lot of research on the computer about different animals and created fact files, posters, and even a map and brochure for our very own zoo.
Art Day
This year for Art Day the theme was colour. In the morning we created Mondrian Collages, which some are on display in the hall. We also participated in a dragon dancing workshop, which was a lot of fun! In the afternoon we created our own Chinese Dragon. At the end of the day we presented our dragon dances to the school during an assembly. 
Spring Term Project Activities for Home
I invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
  1. News Report Pretend you are a news reporter in 1666. Write a newspaper report. Remember to make your newspaper report look old. 
  2. Poem Write and illustrate a poem inspired by The Great Fire of London.
  3. Fire! Create or produce a picture depicting a scene from London during the great fire. You could draw, paint, collage, use chalks or use a computer paint package to create your picture. 
  4. Buildings Make a model of a church or house in London in 1666. 
  5. New London Make a model or drawing to show how you would have redesigned the city following the Great Fire. 
  6. Diary Samuel Pepys was famous for keeping a diary during the fire. Imagine you lived in London in 1666. Write a diary about the fire, describing what it was like to be caught up in the event. 
  7. The Great Fire of London Walk You can go on a Great Fire of London Walk. See the details of where to go here: Take pictures and show the class. 
  8. Museum of London The museum of London has an exhibition on the Great Fire of London. 
Topic: Chocolate
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day!
To end our topic we had a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day where we all dressed up like a character from the story! We made our chocolate bars that we had designed and did some different activities related to the book. 
Forest School
We have been having a lot of fun with Mrs. Clarke doing forest schools. Check out our photos below to see what we have been up to!
Year 2 had a science workshop on how the digestion system works. Through a hands on presentation we performed learned what happens to our food from the moment that we eat food to when it leaves our body.
The Chocolate Lady
The Year 2 class went on a trip to Haverhill to meet The Chocolate Lady. We learned about how chocolate is made and even got to see cacao beans! We decorated our own Christmas trees and made our own marshmallow reindeer to take home. We may have even tasted some chocolate along the way.
Welding with Chocolate
The Year 2 class was fortunate enough to have visitors from The Welding Institute come in and do welding with chocolate. The children first predicted how much weight a chocolate plank bridge could hold and then put weights on it until it broke. Then children created their own chocolate box girder bridge and predicted again which one would hold more weight. We had a competition between each of the table groups and The Everlasting Gobstoppers had the strongest bridge which held 8 kg! We learned that the girder bridges could hold more because the box beam is stiffer. 
Year 2 have been having a lot of fun with our science this term. We went out to the meadow to look for things that are alive, dead and never been alive. We also looked for different micro habitats. Check out some of our findings!
These past few weeks the Year 2 class has been doing a lot of art. During our topic lesson we created lollies, Everlasting Gobstoppers and bonbons. The previous week during our art lesson, we went outside and focused on a small area around the school and created details drawings. Once we finished our drawings we went back inside and added watercolour. 
Science Circuits
Last week we had the pleasure of having Mr. Paduano in our classroom to teach us about circuits in science. We were challenged with using one battery, two wires and a miniature lightbulb, to turn on the lightbulb. We found it tricky at first but with help from Mr. Paduano each of our groups was able to turn on the lightbulb! 
Meet the Teacher Evening
Thank-you to all of those parents who made it out to Meet the Teacher evening. It was great to meet you all. In case you missed it or lost your copy here is the notes from the meeting, timetable and topic plan!
Year 2's have been settling in quite well thus far. This week we learned what our topic would be for the Autumn Term by doing a scavenger hunt to find letters to unveil our topic which is...... CHOCOLATE. We played a fun chocolate game where we had to dress up as Charlie Bucket as fast as we could and we had to use a fork and knife to try to open our chocolate bar! During literacy we are focusing on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for our writing inspiration. 
Autumn Term Project Activities for Home
I invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
  1. Do some research on the Cadbury Family. You could make a poster, design a leaflet or even produce a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Do some baking with chocolate as the main ingredient! Write out the recipe and the method. You could even make your own Chocolate Cook Book with a variety of chocolate recipes!
  3. Design a sweet shop. Draw the sweets for sale and give them prices. Then create some word problems relating to your sweets, e.g. The Candy Balloons cost 12p each. How much would three Candy Balloons cost?  I buy a Wonka Bar for 35p and pay with a 50p coin. How much change do I get?