Year 2: 2016-17

Welcome to Year 2 - 2016/17
Teaching Team:
Mrs Unwin - Teacher (Mon, Weds & Thurs)
Mrs Clarke - Teacher (Tues & Fri)
Mrs Kellock - TA (Mon - Fri mornings) and HLTA (Weds 1-2.30pm and Fri 1-2pm)
Year 2 2016 to 2017
Please scroll down below to see some of the Year 2 activities carried out last year.
Toys from the Past
The children were fortunate to be able to experience toys from the past.  We watched a clockwork train set and enjoyed meeting a very old teddy bear and doll, which had both been very well loved!  The children played really well together with lots of sharing and good humour.  
Science - Building Bridges
In Science we have been working on forces.  We have investigated push and pull forces and the forces that act on falling objects.  We learnt about bridges and watched a video of the famous Tacoma Bridge which we decided had not been very well designed and built!  After thinking about the forces on a bridge, we made our own bridges which we tested to destruction!  All of the bridges carried a good load and some were loaded with 2kg of weights without collapsing!  
Georgina's Unusual Sculpture
Sentence Competition - Picnic Bear
The new sentence competition showed a bear waiting patiently at a picnic table.  The entries were very entertaining and I enjoyed reading about what would happen when the bear had been waiting for an hour without being served! 
Ella S: After waiting an hour to be served, the black bear quickly ran to get some fresh food.  (Well done for using an adverb and for using the comma correctly.)
Oliver: After waiting for an hour to be served, the bear was so angry he sprinted away. (You described the bear's feelings and used an exciting verb.)
Jessica: After waiting an hour to be served, the bear played a game with his imaginary friend. (You used "with" to add a really fun ending to your sentence.)
Well done and thank you to everyone who wrote a sentence: I always have lots of fun reading the sentences and choosing the winners. 
Toy Story - Curriculum Map
Please see the document below for the topic overview for the first half of Spring Term. 
Sentence Competition - Secret Agent Mouse
The first sentence competition of 2017 saw a mouse suspended above a lump of cheese which was infuriatingly sitting on a mouse-trap.  
As usual, there were lots of terrific sentences, and these were this week's winners:
Laurence: When the mouse was hanging from the brown string, he fell dangerously off and ate some delicious, yellow cheese. (I enjoyed your use of lots of adjectives.)
Ollie: While the mouse was hanging from the string, she was hoping to get cheese, but there was a trap and she got caught. (You used and/but to add extra information.)
Lydia: While the snowy white mouse was hanging from the long string, a nasty cat came and took the cheese.  (I was impressed by your adjectives.)
Thank you to everyone who took part in this week's competition. 
Sentence Competition - Gerbil School
The second sentence competition was even more keenly contested than the first!  I was really pleased by the effort that the children put into their sentences: there was a focus on capital letters and full stops; handwriting; and also the use of exciting vocabulary.  Well done, everybody!
Since the standard of the entries was so high, I have had to choose FOUR favourite sentences this time!
Hugo: When the gerbils were doing their work, they rolled about and did some science.  (I was delighted with Hugo's handwriting and careful spelling.)
Hannah: When the funny gerbils were doing their work, they all fell off their chairs, cried, then laughed and got back on their chairs before the teacher looked. (This was an incredibly complicated sentence, but Hannah ensured it still made sense - all of the commas were put in the right places by Hannah!)
James: When the clever gerbils were doing their hard work, they scurried out to play. (James used a fantastic verb: scurried.)
Charlotte W.: When the fluffy gerbils were doing their hard work, they were secretly whispering. (Charlotte used lots of adjectives, and I particularly liked her adverb.)
Sentence Competition - Polar Bear
Our first Sentence of the Week competition attracted entries from more than half the class!  The children needed to write a sentence beginning with "When" about a polar bear which had, unfortunately, slipped over on some ice!
The standard of the sentences was very high with children working really hard to add extra detail through exciting verbs, adjectives, and even adverbs.  It was very difficult to choose a winner ... so I have selected my favourite three sentences this week!  
Charlotte N.: When the cute and cuddly polar bear rolled over, it got up and did a splendid ice skating show. (I enjoyed Charlotte's alliteration and she used a comma in the correct place.)
Tommy: When the polar bear fell over it ran to its Mum and hugged her. (I was impressed that Tommy used "and" to add to his sentence without it losing its sense.)
Caitlin: When the white polar bear fell over it rolled and jiggled and wriggled and then got up happily and danced about.  (Caitlin used lots of exciting verbs and her sentence still made sense even though she used several "ands".) 
Well done to these children and to all the other children who wrote sentences.  
Welcome Back!
It was great to see the children arrive back in school after the half term break with so much enthusiasm.  
This half term will be very busy with our usual Literacy and Numeracy lessons, as well as our new topic: Celebrations around the World. We also have the Nativity to look forward to later on in the term.  
I am keen that the children use our classroom space as much as possible to help them to learn and they have already made a significant contribution to our working displays.  
Last half term, the children thought of lots of more exciting verbs to use instead of "went" and "said".  Brilliantly, the children are also collecting adverbs.  I also enjoyed the words that children found for our Word of the Week.  
This term, we will be holding weekly Sentence Competitions where the children will be asked to write different sentences on a theme.  My favourite sentences each week will be shared on this class page of the website. 
We will also be continuing our work on our Numeracy Working Wall with our questions connected with our Number of the Week, and a weather chart which will help with our data handling work.  
I hope that, with these developing displays which they will help to create, the children will gain greater independence in their learning.  
Please see below a summary of the work covered in the first half of the Autumn Term. 
Please see below the notes from the September Meet the Teacher evening.  
Topics 2016-2017
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Autumn 2: Celebrations around the world
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