Year 4: 2016-17

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Year 4 Ely and Prickwillow Museums

On Monday 22nd May Year 4 visited Ely and Prickwillow Museums as part of our Rivers and Fens topic. We spent the day undertaking various ‘workshops’, these included a Fenland hands-on workshop at Ely Museum with musician and storyteller, hands on science and history workshops about the drainage of the fens with re-enactor and engine run.

As a class we met Cornelius Vermuyden and heard about the adventurers and the wind pumps, took part in science challenges: using a wind tunnel, students will design and test a sail for a wind generator. Finally, James Watt explained why steam replaced wind for draining the Fens and Dr Rudolph Diesel discussed his remarkable invention.

Much fun was had by all. Here are some of the highlights of the day:

"I enjoyed trying 'docky' because I have never tried anything like it before (including raw onion)"

"I especially enjoyed the spooky story"

"Thank you for letting us visit the 'wise woman', I was intrigued in finding out how she would cure my ailment?"

"The engine was cool. It sounded like a real beaut!"

Rivers and The Fens
As  part our topic lessons this half term Year 4  have used google maps and atlases to locate and label major world and uk rivers. We have learnt about the water cycle and the processes involved whilst also learning to accurately identify features of a river. Our educational visit to Ely & Prickwillow Museums consolidated our learning about 'The Fens'.
PE: Swimming
This half term we have been working on our swimming skills. We have been learning how to master all four swimming strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.
Year 4 visited the Verulamium Museum and Hypocaust in St Albans on 14th October. In the morning we took part in a workshop to learn about life Roman times. We wore togas and were even given Roman names! In the afternoon we had fun exploring the exhibitions in the museum. The highlight of the day was walking across to the Hypocaust to see the magnificent mosaic inside.
Please see the document below for details from 'Meet the teacher' evening held on 15th September 2016. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Walker.