Year 4 shared ideas page

Welcome to the Year 4 shared ideas page! This is a space where Miss Nairac will upload examples of activity ideas by pupils in Year 4 which you might wish to magpie for your own home learning. 
Instruction Texts
Last week, Year 4 wrote instruction texts as part of their literacy learning. Here are some instructions for fun activities which you may wish to try yourself at home!
1. Teddy's instructions for the ultimate hot chocolate
2. Oscar's instructions for cardboard animals
3. Nina's instructions for a chick collage
4. Reuben's recipe for cornflake cakes
5. Ellie's instructions for a patchwork cushion
6. Eli's instructions for a Double Cheese Panini
Book reviews
You might want to read these book reviews to help you decide what to read next! 
Erica's review of A Pinch of Magic
Isabelle's review of Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas
Teddy's review of You're a Bad Man, Mr. Gum!
Eli's review of The Highland Falcon Thief
Evie's review of Gangsta Granny