Equality and Diversity

School statement on equality

Every person in our school community has been made in the image of God and is loved unconditionally by God. Everyone is equal and we treat each other with dignity and respect. Our school is a place where everyone should be able to flourish in a loving and hospitable community. Each person in all their unique difference should be able to thrive, irrespective of physical appearance, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, academic ability, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We are committed to promoting the understanding of the principles and practices of equality – treating all members of our school community as individuals, according to their needs, with an awareness of our diverse society and appreciating the value of difference. We actively seek to challenge discrimination and we promote an anti-bullying stance which makes clear the unacceptability of racist, disablist and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and langauge.

Equal Opportunities

The school is committed to ensuring access and inclusion for all its pupils and believes that every child deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We achieve this by ensuring that our planning meets the needs of all pupils: boys and girls, children with special educational needs, children who are more able, children with disabilities and children from all social and cultural backgrounds, different ethnic groups and diverse linguistic backgrounds. Please see the document below for details of our Equality and Diversity Policy.

See our Equality and Diversity policy here in our Policies Section
Governors' Annual Statement (March 2019): 

Review of Equality Objectives

The policy was reviewed and several ways in which objectives have been met were discussed. In particular opportunities for continuing to communicate with all parents and carers (in particular those not often present at the school) were highlighted. The policy will be reviewed again in 2021.

Challenging Prejudice
Great and Little Shelford Primary School provides many learning opportunities, including the opportunity to learn about and respect one other.
Our community includes different ethnic groups, a range of cultures, languages and religious beliefs. We have different types of families and people who are disabled and those who are not.
We believe it is essential that children learn to respect one another and our school has a legal duty, under the Equality Act 2010, to do everything we can to make this happen.
There are very few incidents of prejudice and intolerance in our school. However, it is important that parents and carers understand how we will deal with any such incidents.
Prejudice-related behaviour refers to a wide range of damaging behaviour which is connected with prejudices around belonging, identify and equality in wider society - in particular, prejudices to do with:
- disability and special educational needs
- race and ethnicity
- religion or belief
- sex
- gender reassignment
- sexual orientation
Prejudice-related incidents are treated very seriously as their impact is damaging to all those involved as well as to our wider school community. We investigate, record and report all incidents, including those that are reported to be unintentional. Our response always aims to educate so that everyone understands the potential harm of such behaviour. Effectively tackling prejudice-related incidents in this way will improve the school environment for everyone and increase the potential for attainment and wellbeing for pupils and staff.