PTA Meeting Actions 2019-20

Please see below for headlines of the latest PTA meetings in the 2019-20 session.
Full meeting minutes are available on request to the PTA Secretary.
Ordinary meeting 2.6.20
  • Accounts stood at around £7,600.
  • AmazonSmile had raised just under £11.
Ordinary meeting 24.2.20
  • Accounts stood at around £7,900 not taking into account Science Fair and KS1 books funding.
  • Kittle photography had raised around £500.
  • AmazonSmile had raised £11.
  • The PTA had disbursed just over £8,500 for iPads and subscriptions funds.
  • The PTA Quiz (25.1.20) had raised over £1,200 including a video ‘add-on’.
  • Cake at the Gate (14.2.20) had raised over £140.
Ordinary meeting 15.1.20
  • Accounts stood at around £4,000 after iPad funding and subscription funds had been disbursed.
  • The PTA to partially fund a KS1 request for phonics books (just under £2,300) with a view to funding more when more funds are available.
  • The Committee to fund an additional request for £250 for Science Week workshops to benefit the as many year groups as possible.
  • The PTA to fund 4 wobble cushions and a magnetic writing board for pupils with additional needs (£100).
Ordinary meeting 18.11.19
  • Accounts stood at just over £14,000.
  • The PTA to purchase wooden baubles for every child to decorate.
  • The Committee to fund a YR request for £300 for curriculum enrichment (eggs,understanding the world).
  • The PTA to fund £550 day of Science workshops/assemblies during Science Week 6.3.20-15.3.20 to cover as many year groups as possible.
  • The PTA to fund new iPad cases, licence and installation costs of around £1,450.
Ordinary meeting 14.10.19
  • PTA committed expenditure in the 2019-2020 session to include c.£ 4,725 for the following: Purple Mash Online homework platform (£750), Starz online learning subscriptions (£920), Library reading cloud subscription (£995), First News School Junior Newspaper subscription (£265), Art Day (school wide in the spring term, £1,450), International Day (school wide 2 July 2020, £345).
  • The PTA to fund 23 iPads, and charging and storage trolley (c.£7,000).
  • The PTA to provide curriculum enrichment funds for each class of up to £300 (total £2,100) for the academic year 2019-20.
  • Curriculum enrichment funds allocated so far include £300 for Y5 (£150 for an entrepreneurial project; £150 for an educational trip), £150 for Y6 (educational trip); £100 each for Y2 and Y3 (educational visits).
  • Funds of up to £330 were agreed for final library improvements.
AGM 1.10.19
  • In 2018-19 the PTA raised over £21,000 for the school.
  • Finances on 1.10.19 were in a healthy position with just under £14,000 in the PTA current account.