Overview of the PTA

Why our PTA exists

Shelford School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) supports the school to enrich learning and grow our community - something that is greatly valued by pupils, teachers and families alike.

Our events raise money for projects that benefit the children within and beyond the classroom. 

These experiences and resources could not be funded by the school budget, so are only possible as a result of PTA fundraising.

PTA fundraising

We have incredible support from our school and village communities and local businesses - THANK YOU!

Our collective hard work over the last five years has raised close to £100,000 for the school! 

This has enabled fantastic projects for our outdoor learning environment, including:

  • extra land for our Meadow, where Forest School sessions now take place
  • the trim trail
  • a new equipment shed
  • the Reception/Year 1 garden development
  • the Reflection Garden development

 We have also facilitated valuable opportunities and resources indoors:

  • the Library refurbishment
  • the WiFi upgrade
  • a set of iPads
  • electronic whiteboards
  • Art Day activities led by a visiting artist (mosaic 2018, wet felting 2019, mural 2020); drumming workshop (2020)
  • extracurricular activities across all subjects.

These projects wouldn't be possible without PTA funding, and we are incredibly grateful to our strong and supportive community that enables us to make such a difference for the school.

PTA Events

For upcoming events see our PTA Events Calendar.

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Contact us

Our email address is pta@shelfordschool.org.uk.