PTA Roles

PTA Committee

The PTA is a charity and is run by a Committee of Trustees.  The Committee must have at least a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary in post to be able to hold events and raise money for the school.  For the PTA to function well, the Committee also needs General Members to help make decisions and support fundraising activities.

We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every October to review the previous year's activities and finances and to elect the PTA Committee for the year ahead. 

Who are we?

The 2020-21 PTA team is led by our Chair, Hannah Mohamad, who has a child in Year 2. Rachel Bousfield, Secretary, has a child in Reception and Ilse Patterson, our Treasurer, has a child in Year 3. With the wider members we have representation from families with children in almost all year groups, Some members have several years of experience, and others joined at the 2020 Annual General Meeting!  

Count me in! 

New members are always welcome so please get in touch for more information.We are a sociable bunch and usually meet in the pub, though have more recently socially distanced with Zoom meetings! If you'd like to get  involved, we would be very happy to talk to you about the PTA and welcome you to a meeting. Please contact our Chair, Hannah Mohamad, through Classlist or at

PTA job descriptions:

  • Chair – (1 year post) Setting agendas and chairing half termly committee meetings, liaising with the Headteacher, Office, School Staff, Governors and local community, managing PTA finances (with Treasurer), managing the PTA email account, keeping PTA members updated newsletter, coordinating event publicity, ensuring events are appropriately managed and risk assessed. 
  • Secretary – (1 year post) Taking and circulating minutes of committee meetings, reporting on Secretary's activities at each meeting, updating the Charity Commission, managing GDPR requirements, updating PTA website and Classlist, maintaining PTA files, supporting events as needed e.g. publicity.
  • Treasurer – (2 year post) managing PTA finances including paying invoices and expenses, organising floats for events, producing reports for meetings and annually for the Charity Commission.
  • General members – attending half termly meetings, supporting/leading events, selling tickets, organising publicity materials, organising refreshments, rotas etc

Becoming a Charity Trustee

All Committee members are also Trustees of the PTA Charity and will be asked to sign a Trustee Declaration.  For more information and to check your eligibility to be a Trustee please see Charity Trustee: What's involved.

Year/Class Reps

Becoming a Year Rep is a great way to be involved with the PTA and your class.  Each year have (usually two) Reps who keep their class updated with PTA activities and coordinate any class efforts for PTA events e.g. stalls at the Fairs, Rainbow Hamper and Cake at the Gate.   

Reps help to organise rotas of volunteers for reading and baking throughout the year, and swimming in the summer. Reps also pass on messages for the teacher and school if needed.

Reps are usually decided towards the end of the summer term, so if you are interested in volunteering as a Rep for 2021-22, chat to your current Reps to find out more!