Year 4

Welcome to our class page!
Year 4 Teaching Team:
  • Mrs. Fox - Class Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)
  • Mrs. Stewart - Class Teacher (Thursday and Friday)
  • Mrs. Murray - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. Haigh - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Kennedy - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Mulholland - Teaching Assistant
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Times tables
Please see below for resources to help your child practise times tables at home.
Times table grids (see below) are useful for independent practice. Try the scrambled grids for more of a challenge!
'Going for Gold' (see below) is a resource you can use to quiz your children's times table knowledge and help them to track their progress. 
All pupils have a login to Times Table Rockstars for online practice, and there are also plenty of other online resources and games which children can enjoy, for example on  and
Calculation guides
Children in Year 4 are encouraged to read regularly outside of school. Please see below for a list of recommended books for their age group, which they may wish to explore in addition to their school reading books. 
Y4 Maths Summary:
Approximate summaries of Maths coverage throughout Y4. Please note the topics may be covered at different times to those suggested below.
Aqueduct building
We all used superb teamwork, paper, sticky tape and kitchen foil to build our amazing aqueducts!
Penguin dances
We have been working on movements and dances involving animals and objects from cold places, culminating in our fabulous penguin motifs!
Tree planting at the Hectares
We had such a wonderful time planting our trees at the Hectares. We cannot wait to see how much they grow!
Forest school
Today, we had our first session of forest school and we loved it! We did lots of activities that involved trust, listening, team-work and creativity. 
We cuddled trees with our eyes closed, made hotels, mosaics and museums using everything we could see around us.
Thank you to Mrs. Clarke for making it such an incredible experience.
Spelling with wikkistix! 
We have been practising our Year 4 focus words using wikkistix.
Team Building Workshop
Roman Battle Formations!
Using our Roman shields, we took on the role of Roman soldiers and practised Roman battle formations in the playground. We tried out "the tortoise", "the wedge", "the orb" and the "repel-cavalry" complete with cavalry volunteers!
Our Verulanium Trip!
Roman shields
We all worked so hard to design our shields (scuta) and we cannot wait to go into battle!
Roman mosaics
We all really enjoyed making our Roman mosaic tiles. We looked at our designs from the week before and then used glue to adhere the small stones to the tile. After that, we used grout mixed with sand to ensure the stones were stuck on strongly!
Spelling with modelling clay!
Roman pots
We used our designs from last week to produce our Roman pots out of clay. We cannot wait to paint them!
Egg experiment 
Using eggs to represent teeth, we set up an investigation to test the effects of orange juice, cola, milk and water on them.
Watch this space for the results...