As of 01/04/23, Rainbow Preschool is under the leadership of Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School. Existing policies for each respective establishment remain in place.

Administering medicines in school and medical emergencies

Medicines in school

Please be reminded that all medicines and lotions must be given to the school office staff. Pupils are not permitted to have any medicine, lotion or cough sweets in their bags or pockets during school hours.

Please fill out a form in the office if you need a medicine to be given to your child during school hours.

School staff can administer medicines which have been prescribed by a doctor. Whether this is a regular prescription or a short term course, parents must complete the medication form and provide the medication in the named prescribed packaging. Medicines are stored securely, in a fridge if necessary.
For children with conditions which might require medication at any time such as asthma, allergies requiring antihistamine or epipens, diabetes, epilepsy, parents should provide the medication and protocol for administration. Parents should ensure protocols and  are up to date and medication in school is within the expiry date.
If a child needs non prescribed medication, parents should seek the advice of the school office.
For more minor treatments such as throat lozenges, lip salve and skin creams where children can administer them themselves, the medication should be left in the office with guidance about use.
Medical Emergencies
In the event of a medical emergency, where an ambulance is called for your child, you will be informed at the earliest opportunity and asked to attend the school. If you are too far away and/or the ambulance has already arrived, a staff member will accompany your child and meet you at the A&E department of Addenbrookes Hospital.