Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Information Report

At Great and Little Shelford C of E (A) Primary School we value all our pupils and are committed to meeting their educational needs as far as we possibly can within our resources.  This SEND Information Report is published in line with the 0 – 25 SEND Reforms and SEND Code of Practice 2014.  It is supported by the Cambridgeshire Local Authority’s Local Offer. 

Please follow the link to read this offer: Cambridgeshire LA Local Offer 

For the SEND Information Report for Great and Little Shelford Primary School and our school policy, please click the links below

SEND coordinator:

  • Autumn and Spring: Mrs Heather Paterson
  • 19th April - 15th May: Mr. Christopher Grey
  • 16th May onwards: Mrs. Jenny Robertson

Governors with responsibility for SEND: Mrs Liz Jenkin, Mrs Maria Lazarus

See our send policy here in our policies