Shelford Science Principles
The children, staff, parents and governors at Great and Little Shelford CofE Primary School have worked together to develop a set of principles to guide our vision for science at school. We believe that Science Teaching and Learning should be: 

Our VISION is for Science to be happening everywhere; at home and at school, across all ages, all children and all subjects. 

We aim to enthuse pupils, staff and parents alike with activities involved around discovering the world that we live in and encourage a 'hands on' approach to science following the children's own interests and ideas.

Children in the school were involved in a competition to design a logo to communicate our vision, the winner of which can be seen below. 

Essential Characteristics of Scientists

  • The ability to think independently and raise questions about working scientifically and the knowledge and skills that it brings.
  • Confidence and competence in the full range of practical skills, taking the initiative in, for example, planning and carrying out scientific investigations.
  • Excellent scientific knowledge and understanding which is demonstrated in written and verbal explanations, solving challenging problems and reporting scientific findings.
  • High levels of originality, imagination or innovation in the applications of skills.
  • The ability to undertake practical work in a variety of contexts, including fieldwork.
  • A passion for science and its application in past, present future technologies.
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"Science does not tell us everything that we want to know about life, or all we need to know. But it does provide us with the most robust information about the way the universe works that has so far become available to us.
Colin Tudge, Science Writer
"Science is valuable because it meshes with all our lives and allows us to channel and use our spontaneous curiosity." 
Professor Susan Greenfield
"Studying science teaches us to be good at analysis and helps us to make complex things simple.
It trains minds in a way that industry prizes." 
Brendan O'Neill, ICI PLC
Science workshops and events
Along with a range of 'in-house' events and activities, this year we are very pleased to have benefited from working with a range of STEM ambassadors who have visited the children in school.
Please take a look below and on individual class pages to see some examples of the above activities.
 'Meet a Scientist' Assemblies
Since September 2019, Shelford children have enjoyed a variety of whole school 'Meet a Scientist' assemblies delivered by a range of parents who work within a diverse range of scientific disciplines, including a neuroscientist, an optometrist, a molecular biologist and more!!
Mundipharma Workshops
All year groups have enjoyed workshops in school delivered by Mundipharma to develop their understanding in a range of topics from skeletons to digestion and even the science involved in making bath bombs. 
Wellcome Trust Workshops
Stem ambassadors from the Wellcome Trust have also worked with the children to engage them in activities such as extracting the DNA from a strawberry (!) and using science to solve 'crime scene investigations'.
NEW!!! Sep 2020 We're very excited to share below a video animation which was made in collaboration with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils at Great and little Shelford school and our Stem Ambassadors at the Wellcome Trust.
This animation explains what DNA does in our bodies and how it makes us the unique individuals we are.
Please click on the image below to view the animation. 
The 'Energy Challenge'!!
In the spring and summer terms, 2019 Shelford School enjoyed taking part in the 'Energy Challenge' in association with scientists from Astra Zeneca. Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 were challenged to design and run experiments using a mechanical balance to measure the weight of various common foods that contain the same amount of energy. A small group of children then represented the school by illustrating their findings in a poster and presenting it to a panel of judges.
Science Fair September 2019
Science Teaching and Learning at Great and Little Shelford
Please see below for examples of recent science teaching and learning opportunities at Great and Little Shelford.