As of 01/04/23, Rainbow Preschool is under the leadership of Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School. Existing policies for each respective establishment remain in place.


The Geography Curriculum
The whole experience of Geography is in line with our vision.  Geography is taught as part of a topic-based curriculum where staff work hard to plan and organise tasks which are in harmony with their topic themes. Where possible, members of the wider school and local community are involved in sharing their relevant expertise with the children. Topics are enhanced through educational visits.
Staff engage in a variety of personal research and training in order to present their topics in as interesting a way as possible, demonstrating their commitment to life-long learning.  
The 5 big ideas in Geography are:
Physical features; the study of processes that shapes the Earth's surface, the animals and plants that inhabit it.
Human features;  how human activity affects or is influenced by the earth's surface.
Significant places; including contrasting locations.
Interpreting data;
Communicating data;
Fieldwork to observe, measure and record.
Geography display around the school.
Year 5 combine their Literacy and Geography skills by giving each other instructions as to how to construct a hidden volcano.
Some comments from Geography learning around the school:
"It's really snowy in the North Pole because it's not near the sun." (EYFS)
"I think it's a number one thing to study because I like learning about different countries." (Year 2)
"Knowing how to use a compass and understand map references is really important." (Year 4)
"It was great when we had a mountaineer in to talk to us about his experience of climbing Mont Blanc." (Year 6)