Welcome to Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School


I am very pleased to welcome you to our school website. Thank you for your interest in our wonderful school!

I am exceptionally proud to lead this unique, welcoming and happy school. We are blessed to have created and nurtured a very special, supportive and close community, where all members of the school community are valued: children, parents, staff and governors.

We all take a genuine interest in every member of our community and live out our vision through all we do:

We live and work in harmony

with love for one another,

so that we can achieve our potential

within a community of life-long learners.

Our vision guides all of our work and it speaks of the unique nurture, care and focus on developing all aspects of each person in our community. This means that with our children, we support all children achieve their potential in a full, enriching, broad and balanced curriculum. At the same time, we promote positive social development, developing strong professional relationships with everyone in the community. 


Celebration Worship – 20th May 2022

Pupils gathered together for our weekly Celebration Worship. As we gathered, we shared our song relating to Creativity and Possibilities.

We opened the celebration worship with our signed gathering statement linked to our school vision:

Leader: We live and work in harmony

Response: With love for one another

Characteristics of Effective Learners Logos - We announced the winners of the logo competition as follows:

  • Concentrating Crocodile - Elliot R
  • Analysing Alligator - Bertie G-C
  • Proud Peacock - Sihali S
  • Go for it Gorilla - Ava P
  • Choosing Chimp - Lottie S
  • Creative Chameleon - Erica S
  • Persevering Parrot - Alice W
  • Exploring Elephant - Eloise L 
Lego Group - William L, Matthew B and Elliot M - each received their builder's certificates for their first Lego build!

Celia - Nina M - for her continued kindness and friendship to others.

Cyril -  Miss Hudson and Mr. Grey - for leading the visit to Burwell, caring for those who were a little upset and including some jokes along the way!

Silver Bins:  Year 1 & Year 4

Dinner Winner:  Year 1

Wonderful Walkers: Year 2

Pen Licence - Ember B

Shelford Mile:

5 Miles – Ralph S

Gold  (50miles) -  Lelaini C, Eloise L, Georgia M, Samantha Q, Henry R, Joey K, Zoe K, Jemima M, Eleanor P, Samuel S,

Star Writer: 

Grace P  - for fantastic writing about your adventures in the Wildlife Garden, titled ‘Fairy Dusting’.

Headteacher Awards:

  • Jessica S – for being extremely helpful, looking after and tidying our classroom – what great teamwork!

  • Sihali S – for consistent manners and kind words when talking to all members of the class.
  • Sylvie G – for fantastic progress in phonics and reading, due to an excellent attitude to learning and enthusiasm.
  • Otis C  - for displaying such a positive attitude to all aspects of school life.
  • Sebastian C  - for always working hard as a role model in the class, tackling challenges head-on, whilst also demonstrating a kind and respectful attitude.
  • James C and Henry R – each for representing our school on the visit to Cadbury World, using good manners, working collaboratively and in an engaged manner.
  • Issy H-W - for being dedicated to learning and demonstrating great all-round learning behaviours. 
Housepoints: this week's winning house is domus fortium - the house of courage - The Stags.
On the radio: 28th September 2018
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
• 175th anniversary interview, 8.30am
• Shelford school choir rehearsal for anniversary service, 8.50am
Interview with Shelford school choir for BBC Music Day, 5.50pm
In the paper: 1st October 2018
Cambridge News
• Half-page article and interview, page 7; click on the blue link below for a copy!
If you require a paper copy of any of the information contained within this website, please contact the school office via this link.