Year 3

Teaching Team:
Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Mrs Ashton, Mrs Scott,
Thursdays and Fridays: Mrs Bane, Mrs Scott
Y3 Maths Summary:
Approximate summaries of maths coverage throughout Y3. 
Summer Term 2
Our topic this term is: Who Lives Here?
In Geography, we will be looking at how to draw a map with a key and in Art, looking at famous buildings and architects. We will also be looking forward to swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
Kapla Bricks
On Thursday 9th June we were lucky enough to take part in a Kapla brick workshop in the hall. We worked together to build the railway line section of the display and other classes then added their builds to it. On Friday, we really enjoyed seeing the final creation. It was great fun!
Summer Term 1
This term our topic is the history of our school. We will be investigating the school sites to find the buildings that have been here since 1843!
We shall once again be experiencing life in a Victorian school on our Victorian School day- Tuesday 17th May. More details to follow.
Victorian Day
The school day was very different in Year 3 on Tuesday. We had the 3 R's- reading, writng and arithmetic, reciting our times tables and practicing our handwriting on slates with slate pencils. We had an object lesson about a falcon and learnt about the differences Florence Nightingale was making to the hospitals in the Crimea. We also tried Maypole dancing and drill exercises in the playground.
In the afternoon, we made some Victorian toys to take home - a thaumotrope, a paper boat, some decoupage and a cup and ball.
Home Challenges
If you complete any of these, please bring them in to show and tell during w/b 23rd May
  • Can you interview someone older than you about their school days? What is the same as life in Year 3 and what is different?
  • Can you draw a local habitat e.g. a pond? Record the animals that you think might live there and how they are suited to their habitat.
Iron Age Day at Wandlebury
We were very fortunate with the weather when we had our Iron Age Day at Wandlebury. The children enjoyed a tour of the ring, learning more about the discoveries archaeologists have found of enemies trying to attack the hillfort. We also had a go at using a stone quern to grind wheat and made our own bread, cooking it over the fire. Lastly, we wove wattle walls and had a try at using slingshots.
Forest School
This half term Year 3 have been enjoying Forest School sessions on Thursday mornings. We have been making dens, practising using Stone Age techniques to attach sticks together to make our own stick men and using tools to paint with leaves.
Spring 2
Spring 2 marks the start of our Stone Age to Iron Age topic.
Our class trip to Wandlebury will take place on Wednesday 30th March- more details to follow.
Welcome back to Year 3 and a Happy New Year!
Our topic this term is Mighty Mountains where we will be looking at major mountain ranges around the World, focusing particularly on the Himalayas.
Our times table focus for this half term will be the 4 times table. 
Welcome back to autumn term 2. This half term we will be looking at Inverness and the surrounding area, exploring the similarities and differences between the Highlands of Scotland and Shelford.
We will be focusing on the 3 times table in our work on multiplication. 
What a gorgeous day for Forest School - building hibernation dens for hedgehogs and insects and chasing the falling leaves in the sunlight. Bliss!
The Battle of Hastings 2021
We took to the field again this year to re-enact the famous battle. There was some great marching and sword fighting but sadly the Saxons were defeated with King Harold dying with an arrow in his eye.
Times Tables
We will be starting the year working on our 8 x tables. We will be learning an 8 times table rap, making 8 times table fortune tellers and playing rounds of 8 times table bingo. We attach the links to the songs and a quick fire times table game.
Remember: I ate and I ate till I was sick on the floor. 8 times 8 is 64.
In Art we have been learning about the proportions of the face and have painted self portraits to go in the hall. Who do you recognise?
The Normans landed in Year 3 today and the children were able to enjoy archery and battle charging, as well as the more gentler pursuits of letter illumination and cooking, and nosegay and finger guard making.