Design and Technology

Valentine's Day Competition Winners
The winners were announced on Friday during celebration assembly. Entries were judged on presentation, texture, taste and creativity.
Here are the following winners and their winning designs:
KS1- Lola S. and Luca P. (tie)
Lower KS2-Isabelle L.
Upper KS2-Hiskia D.
Valentine's Day Competition
Thank-you to all of the fantastic entries that we received for the Valentine's Day competition. Mr Grey and myself enjoyed trying all of your inventive and tasty creations. The results will be announced soon. In the meantime take a look at all of the entries that we received. 

Essential Characteristics of designers

  • Significant levels of originality and the willingness to take creative risks to produce innovative ideas and prototypes.
  • An excellent attitude to learning and independent working.
  • The ability to use time efficiently and work constructively and productively with others.
  • The ability to carry out through research, show initiative and ask questions to develop an exceptionally detailed knowledge of users’ needs.
  • The ability to act as responsible designers and makers, working ethically, using finite materials carefully and working safely.
  • A thorough knowledge of which tools, equipment and materials to use to make their products.
  • The ability to apply mathematical knowledge.
  • The ability to manage risks exceptionally well to manufacture products safely and hygienically.
  • A passion for the subject and knowledge of up-to-date technological innovations in materials, products and systems.

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Design and technology is about making things that people want and that work well. Creating these things is hugely exciting: it is an inventive, fun activity.
James Dyson
Tell me and I forget - show me and I may remember - let me do it, and I learn. Learning through making works!
Prue Leith
The design of an object defines its meaning and ultimately its utility. The nature of the connection betweeen technology and people is determined by the designer.
Jonathan Ive, Apple Computer