The Curriculum at Shelford

At Great and Little Shelford Primary School we believe that learning is a lifelong process, which extends beyond the school gates. We believe primary education should be an exciting adventure that is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

We redesigned our curriculum in 2020. This included crafting 6 threads across our curriculum. These were decided based on the specifics of our school community: our vision; the community's specific details; the needs of our community. 

Skills are taught within half termly or termly ‘projects’, which provide a stimulating context for learning. Projects provide excellent opportunities for using creativity and imagination; they give children the chance to really ‘get their teeth into’ their learning and engage with subjects on a much deeper level. We aim to enrich projects as fully as possible by taking classes on a wide variety of educational visits linked to their classroom learning.

Shelford School staff have worked creatively to compile an excellent curriculum for every year group. We believe that the children’s journey through each year group in the school will be a rich and inspiring one and are committed to ensuring that effective teaching and effective learning are present within every classroom. 

We have further details on individual year group curriculum pages for how our curriculum is put into practice within our classrooms.

We ensure that the curriculum is fully-accessible for all pupils in-line with both the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Looking at our curriculum threads, many of theses themes are covered explicitly in our Topic Thread Definitions document, that you can view here

For further information on how we make reasonable adaptations with respect to pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability, please see our SEND page

For further information on Equality and Diversity at Great and Little Shelford, please see our Equality and Diversity page. This includes our statement on Equality and Diversity, our Equality Objectives and a link to our Equalities Policy. 

In February 2019, teachers articulated what excellent learning at Shelford looks like. This Learning Statement outlines our expectations for learning at school. It was reviewed in October 2020, based on the restrictions of COVID-19.
What are the threads?
We have one theme each half term that ties all of our topics together. These threads were decided based on specific information about our school. The PDF below defines each thread and how these tie the school's curriculum together. 


Our Story So Far

Our Environment: Local and Global

Community – Empathy

Growth and Changes


Below are overview documents detailing how the different subject areas of the National Curriculum are taught across Key Stages 1 and 2 here at Shelford.
The document below details our 'Cultural Capital Offer' curriculum opportunities that all our children experience as they move through the school.
Please see our class pages for the latest information about what is happening across the school!