As of 01/04/23, Rainbow Preschool is under the leadership of Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School. Existing policies for each respective establishment remain in place.

Annual Residential Trips

Year 5 trip to Burwell House
In Year 5, children all take part in a short residential visit to Burwell House. They enjoy a variety of activities whilst there, including making their own short films in a professional film studio as well as a host of team building exercises. Everyone thoroughly enjoys this great trip and the children all talk enthusiastically about the new skills they learn whilst away.
Burwell 23-24
P.s Forest School for Year 5 starts on Thursday 11th January 2024! 
09/01/24 - 7:15am - A peaceful night was enjoyed by most! Children are starting to strip their beds and sort their laundry. Meanwhile the final suitcases are being packed. These will shortly arrive downstairs before we head to breakfast!
09/01/24 - 10:00pm - All is generally quiet. We are hopeful for a good night's sleep!
09/01/24 - 9:00pm - Bedtime... with lights out shortly. 
09/01/24 - 8:30pm - TV Studio screening - the children enjoyed watching their TV studio performances. We had some amazing anchors in Henry, Evie and Daya!
09/01/24 - 7:45pm - Soft Toy Competition! Children presented their entries under mystery categories. The results were:
Most Unique Edward with Libby the Dog
Most Loved Joshua with Poly the Polar Bear
Most Comforting Eddie with Jibby the Rabbit 
Most Versatile Georgia with Sunrise and Aqua
Best Presentation Matthew with Pablo the kitten
Bonus Round (mystery questions) Alexandra with Grogu (Yoda)
09/01/24 - 7:00pm - the continuation of our film from last night! We enjoyed sharing a few snacks too!
09/01/24 - 6:30pm - Dinner is finished. We have some free time now. The Grey & Co. Bank is open for withdrawals and the Haigh & Weston Souvenir shop has opened. A variety of (tasteful) souvenirs are on their way back to Shelford!
09/01/24 - 5:30pm - Dinner time - we enjoyed a roast chicken dinner, with stuffing, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and vegetables. This was finished off with a delicious brownie. The 5 star service continues!
09/01/24 - the start of the wonderful carousel of activities in three groups. Two groups each head to the TV studio. One group headed to the technical roles such as controlling the cameras, director, floor manager and sound mixer. Meanwhile, the other TV studio team performed their scripted news reports. The third activity was a wonderful art batik task. This focused on a natural inspired or abstract design. This was completed in pencil first, before transferring to the cotton bag. Hot wax was carefully applied, before a selection of eye catching dyes. Within these activities, we enjoyed a lunch of jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings and salad. 
09/01/24 - 10:15 - the final stage of the Burwell Challenge is underway. Children are guiding their blindfolded partners through a series of obstacles, such as giant tyres, tunnels and trampolines! Lots of responsibility and teamwork on display! 

09/01/24 - 9:00 - The three stages of the Burwell Challenge have commenced! Stage one was familiarising ourselves with blindfolds and practising giving guiding instructions to our partners. The second stage of Meet a Tree has been completed, with children guiding their partners to a tree blindfolded. Children then explored the shape and textures of the tree,  before bringing their partner away from the tree. Finally, they had to guess which tree they ‘met’!
09/01/24 - 8:30am - What a treat! Bacon and hoops arrive at the tables. Pupils are now well-fuelled for the busy day ahead! We overheard, “The toast is heavenly!” and “Even the bacon is better!”. However, one discerning customer did notice that the orange juice was not freshly squeezed!
09/01/24 - 8:00am - Breakfast is a big hit! Lots of smiling faces and full bowls of cereal!

09/01/24 - 7:30am - The chime has just sounded for children to be able to access the lounge area. There's a game of chess going on amongst tales of last night! It'll soon be time for breakfast.
09/01/24 - 7:00am - most children slept reasonably well and they are all awake and well! There is a lot of enthusiasm for the day ahead, including the TV Studio activity! 
08/01/24 - 9:30pm - it is mostly quiet and settled, with many children settled in bed. Fingers crossed for a peaceful night. 
08/01/24 - 9:00pm - Lights out!
08/01/24 - 8:30pm - off to bed with the final stages of settling down!
08/01/24 - 7:00pm - pajamas and soft toys are attending the film night with hot chocolate! Lots of smiles and laughs. 
08/01/24 - 6:30pm - A little free time - either in the lounge, bedrooms or showering! 
08/01/24 - 5:30pm - Dinner time! A very popular chicken goujons with chips and vegetables was enjoyed by the children, followed by fruit jellies!
08/01/24 - 5:15pm - time for a practice fire drill. We were delighted to learn that the children (and adults) passed first time! 
08/01/24 - 4:00pm - The grand reveal of our bedrooms - we were most excited! We also had a wonderful demonstration how to make our beds! The children applied teamwork and responsibility with this and are very pleased with their rooms! After this, we had some free time.
08/01/24 - 3:25pm - We are getting ready to head over to the TV Studio for a tour and to learn about some key parts of how it operates. 
08/01/24 - 2:45pm - time for a snack! A much enjoyed flapjack and some free time in the lounge!
08/01/24 - 1:15pm - Orienteering time! We headed outside in the snow to cover some key stills around orienteering and mapwork. We then hunted for tags attached to different items on the map. Each item contained a word relating to Burwell. For example, fen, marsh, hythe, clunch, peat and gault. 
08/01/24 - 12:45pm - Some free time of either chess and reading in the lounge or games outside. Many people enjoyed 'Hide and Run' with Eddie H winning the first round. 
08/01/24 - 12:30 - Pudding of homemade cake with icecream was devoured, with one pupil saying "Burwell is a 5 star restaurant!"
08/01/24 - 12:15 - Lunchtime! Hungry tummies all-round with the smell of delicious homemade pizza and salad. This went down really well with the children!
08/01/24 - 12:00 - Preparing for lunch! We listened to the routines about lunchtimes and taking responsibility for different aspects of the family-style service. 
08/01/24 - 11:00 - The Snail Game! This was a great way to get to know the Burwell site and familiarise ourselves with the outdoor areas. We had to apply our teamwork skills to hunt for different questions, which related to the house and grounds, before checking them with an adult and finding our next question!
08/01/24 - 10:30 - We are in the lounge and Edward is giving us an induction as to what to expect at Burwell. We have heard about the different Burwell staff on site, including Obi the dog and Buster the cat. We have some key qualities as targets for our visit, which are: Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork. 
08/01/24 - 10:00am - The coach arrived safely with all pupils at Burwell House. Luggage is stored ahead of viewing rooms later. 
2022 - 2023
Year 6 trip to Grafham Water
Every year our Year 6 class visit Grafham Water for a three-day residential trip. Whilst there, the children take part in a huge variety of outdoor activities such as raft building, climbing and tackling the challenge of 'Jacob's Ladder'! Each class thoroughly enjoys this wonderful opportunity and return back to school full of wonderful tales of their adventures (plus the odd bit of wet and cold washing...). Below is a link to the official Grafham Water website, where you can get a taste of the activities on offer.
Year 6 Grafham Blog - 2024
12/03/24 - time for the 'Leap of Faith' - lots of climbing and challenging resilience with heights!
12/03/24 - After a peaceful night for most, children woke with enthusiasm for the day ahead and the novelty of discovering what is for breakfast!
11/03/24 - PM - children explored the Grafham Challenge! This is a blind-folded obstacle course with a focus on team work and communication. Needless to say, it was a rather muddy experience for all involved... so much so that the school staff had to tend to cleaning down the showers afterwards!
11/03/24 - Pupils arrived with their bags ready to head off for a few days of adventure! Children arrived safely at Grafham and settled in with a site tour and some work on their obejectives for the visit.