Annual Residential Trips

Year 5 trip to Burwell House
In Year 5, children all take part in a short residential visit to Burwell House. They enjoy a variety of activities whilst there, including making their own short films in a professional film studio as well as a host of team building exercises. Everyone thoroughly enjoys this great trip and the children all talk enthusiastically about the new skills they learn whilst away.
Burwell 2022

9/5/22 - After arriving at school eagerly, pupils left by coach to Burwell House. The group arrived safely at around 10:15. The group arrived in fine spirits and dropped their bags before a treasure hunt around the site (Snail Game). 

9/5/22 - 12:00 - rumbling tummies were pleasingly satisfied with sausages, mashed potato and mixed vegetables. To top it off, chocolate brownies were devoured for pudding. Miss O’Bryan is now gloating as her table won the Golden Candelabra along with Harley, Joshua L, Jack, Seb and Joshua MJ. 

9/5/22 -12:45 - a little bit of free time was enjoyed exploring the Burwell Challenge and other exciting elements of the site. 

9/5/22 - 13:00 - key map skills were explored along with many tips shared by our children … woodpeckers apparently often peck to the South of trees, map compasses can be lined up and man hole cover used to be circular, but flipped too often so a rectangular design was a more stable version. Children are now completing an orienteering challenge before exploring our rooms! 
9/5/22 - 14:00 - we played a smuggler game - adults vs children - in teams ... congratulations to the yellow team, who managed to smuggle the most yellow balls past the adults!
9/5/22 - 15:00 - we took a break for a snack of homemade flapjack and fruit, whilst Dan entertained us with facts about the local area - we talked and learnt about clunch, hythes, ague and pantiles to name a few. 
9/5/22 - 16:00 - with great excitement, we explored our rooms and settled in for a little bit. 
9/5/22 - 17:00 - we popped over to the TV studio with Ed and Dan to learn some of the ropes for tomorrow's experience of controlling cameras, using control room and the green screen ... no green in the Shelford wardrobe for tomorrow please!
9/5/22 - 18:00 - a delicious meal on offer this evening - homemade pizza, wedges and salad... followed by a special surprise for the Birthday Girl: a birthday cake bedecked with candles! 
9/5/22 - 18:45 - a little free time to get settled and changed into PJs in anticipation for board games and some down time. 
9/5/22 - 19:30 - Soft Toy Competition - let it herby be announced that the Soft Toy Competition did take place on the evening of 9th May. The toys were judged in different categories, as follows:  

Best Dressed

Most loved

Most comforting

Bonus Round (elimination round and vote at end)





9/5/22 - 20:00 - A little appearance of Spongebob to wind down the evening.
9/5/22 - 20:30 - into bed, tucked up tight... with lights out fast approaching at 21:00!
9/5/22 - 22:00 - mostly asleep... with the odd creaking door and floorboard - but we're nearly all asleep and dreaming - well, Miss O'Bryan is, whilst Miss Hudson and Mr. Grey stay on duty for a little while longer!
10/5/22 - 7:00 - after a variable night’s sleep, the children are stirring. There’s a little pitter patter of rain on the conservatory and a few excited voices for the day ahead. Mrs Clarke will soon be on her way as Mr Grey heads back to school for the morning. TV voices at the ready… but, we’re sure breakfast will also be novel and exciting too! 
10/5/22 - 8:00 - a variety of cereals and toast are on offer this morning to fuel our time in the TV Studio... we have some interesting reports ahead linked to space, tigers and football! Mrs. Clarke has arrived refreshed and ready for the day ahead! Miss Wesley and Mr. Grey will be heading back for lunchtime. There is a lot of excited chat at breakfast about the day ahead!
10/5/22 - morning workshops have begun with lots of interest and enthusiasm … plenty of time running out the prepared scripts and learning about the technical equipment in the control room and the studio. 

10/5/22 - today’s activities comprised a clay tile workshop and two TV studio activities. The clay tile workshop kicked off with sketching local architectural features of Burwell. We then explored key clay skills to get to know our medium! Afterwards, we created two parts - a roof and the front of a house. We then combined our favourite features in clay! The TV studio activities were linked to our scripts written at school. Whilst one group performed, the other took the reins of the control room and cameras! We look forward to the premiers tonight! A short break now at 16:00… followed by team games at 16:30.
10/5/22 - 16:30 - team building challenges took place on the rear lawn. We started off with some warm ups, including completing various challenges with rope loops. Then, we split into smaller groups for various challenges - these included using ‘Fen Skis’, delivering some toxic waste into the giant sculpture’s mouth and a stepping stone challenge. 

10/5/22 - 18:00 - we eagerly went into dinner… with table 6 being in possession of the golden candelabra, they led the hungry procession. Chicken goujons, chips and salad graced the tables, followed by jelly! 

10/5/22 - 19:00 - PREMIER! The wonderful films created at school and filmed in the TV Studio were premiered … with a special round of applause for co-anchors Annie and Mhinaku. 

10/5/22 - 19:30 - film night! PJs and sweets from Simone’s birthday… smiling faces all-round! Fingers crossed for a quieter night. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon! 

10/5/22 - 20:30 - up to bed and tucked in tight… definitely a quieter start to bed time tonight … it seems we should be in for some well earned sleep to fuel tomorrow’s activities. 

11/5/22 - 00:00 - well that was fun!!! Alarms blaring, a little trip down the emergency spiral staircase and a phone call from the alarm monitoring service! Thankfully, Miss Hudson and Mr Grey had read all the protocol and were able to deal with it promptly. Thankfully, it was in an outbuilding, with no sign of anything to worry about… possibly a spider on a mission to wake us up! Anyway, lots of reassurance and a little emergency SpongeBob to the rescue! Everyone is now heading back to bed at 1:00am! 

11/5/22 - 6:30 - the corridors are definitely quieter as Mr Grey crept down to prepare to leave for school. Hopefully, we have all caught up on a little sleep! Rain is pitter pattering on the conservatory again this morning, but with a little more force than yesterday. We have lots of room preparations and the final bits of packing to prepare for this morning before breakfast. We look forward to the Burwell Fox today, along with the opportunity to visit the tuck shop! Washing machines on standby for later on today!
11/5/22 - 7:30 - the rooms are bustling with some half-asleep members of the group finalising their packing and stripping their beds! Most rooms are nearly there, with the promise of breakfast waiting at 8:00!
11/5/22 - 8:00 - our last breakfast was enjoyed with the golden candelabra gracing the table of Gus, Felix, Chris, Jacob and Milo. Another round of cereal and toast was on offer this morning. Suitably refreshed, we are looking forward to the day ahead... discovering the Burwell Fox game and a few other challenges for the day!  
11/5/22 - 9:30 - with everything prepared and tidied, we look forward to our final few activities. Dan has gathered us together to brief us on the day ahead!
11/5/22 - 10:00 - Colour Spectrum Challenge... armed with strips of black card, we scavenged the grounds for the colours of the spectrum in nature. Still a little damp... but we're still smiling!
11/5/22 - 13:00 - a delicious lunch was shared at our final meal at Burwell! 
11/5/22 - 13:45 - last minute preparations for our departure are taking place... a little time to reflect on many happy memories. 
11/5/22 - 14:10 - the coach (just a tad late) is here and we are aiming to arrive back at around 15:00. 
Year 6 trip to Grafham Water
Every year our Year 6 class visit Grafham Water for a three-day residential trip. Whilst there, the children take part in a huge variety of outdoor activities such as raft building, climbing and tackling the challenge of 'Jacob's Ladder'! Each class thoroughly enjoys this wonderful opportunity and return back to school full of wonderful tales of their adventures (plus the odd bit of wet and cold washing...). Below is a link to the official Grafham Water website, where you can get a taste of the activities on offer.
Year 6 Grafham Blog - 2021 
21/09/21 - 1:00pm:
We are coming to the end of the Grafham adventure with mixed emotions! Obviously, everyone will be looking forward to returning back to Shelford, but there are so many highlights from Grafham to share!
Pupils have enjoyed a very tasty lunch of hot dogs and chips! Soon, the instructors from Grafham are going to share the many achievements of the children from their trip.
21/09/21 - 10:00am:
Mrs. Alderson, Mrs. Kingman and Mrs. Weston were rather pleased that it wasn't such an early start this morning! It seems like the fresh air, good food and variety of activities helped children to spend some much-needed extra shut-eye!
Children have been working hard this morning to ensure their rooms are tidy, packed and all the bedding is ready to travel to the laundry! This all happened before breakfast.
They're venturing out on their activities for the day ahead and I am sure they will return with many happy tales of their adventures at Grafham later today. 
21/09/21 - 7:00pm:
A wonderful action-packed afternoon has been enjoyed by all! Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Kingman and Mrs. Alderson have shared that the children have enjoyed the archery, sailing and high ropes this afternoon in their groups. 
Many headed back after a busy afternoon for a short break, before being rather rudely interrupted by the fire alarm sounding! Unfortunately, a child from a different school had used too much spray deodorant ... not sure if they'd been on a particularly wet / muddy Grafham Challenge! However, I am very pleased and proud to report that the Shelford children were exemplary in following the protocol. Mrs. Alderson reported that the adults weren't too bad either!
The kitchen staff at Grafham have been brilliant in providing wonderful meals. They have also been really accommodating in ensuring everyone has enjoyed their food. There has been the buzz of excitement in sharing tales of the different activities experienced and - of course - a lot of appreciation for the wonderful weather. 
The children are now enjoying some games prior to this evening's Film Night! 
21/09/21 - 1:00pm:
We have heard from the team at Grafham that they have been enjoying a wonderful action-packed morning. One highlight has been the glorious sunshine reflecting on the reservoir. 
Pupils have enjoyed soup for lunch after their various activities: careful aims in archery; tackling the high ropes and sailing on the reservoir. 
Mrs. Alderson, Mrs. Kingman and Mrs. Weston report that there are lots of children meeting the Grafham objectives for the visit and some great examples of teamwork!
21/09/21 - 8:00am:
The latest update from Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Kingman and Mrs. Alderson is in!
It appears a peaceful night has been enjoyed ... well until 5:00am! Some early risers this morning might need to stock up on the delicious breakfast to power-up their energy for a busy day of activities ahead! 
There was a little contrast between the girls and the boys this morning... whilst the showers were flooding on the boys' side, the girls enjoyed a very civilised Teddy Bears' Picnic! 
Looking forward to the day ahead!
20/09/21 - 7:20pm:
The children have enjoyed a lovely remainder to their afternoon exploring the variety of activities on offer as shared in the previous update. 
Delicious sausages and mash were devoured for dinner. Hopefully this has recharged batteries after such a busy and active afternoon! I’m not sure if there were any carrots served… but they might have been a good option to promote sight at night! Everyone is setting off for their evening activity of orienteering.
Children are buzzing with excitement in locating landmarks on their maps and demonstrating some great teamwork. 
Afterwards, it’ll be time to wind down and begin the evening routine! 
20/09/21 - 2:30pm:

It seems that Grafham Challenge 2 - the revenge of the demon bed sheets - has been conquered. Great resilience by pupils and staff alike!

After a refuel via packed lunches, children are off on their activities:  A serene sail on the lake; a clamber up the high ropes and pondering challenging problems to solve. It looks like plenty of teamwork and communication will be required... along with some courage and cheering on!

20/9/21 - 11:30am:
The children and staff have arrived safely at the centre after the coach journey! It was wonderful to send them off on their way - although by the sight of some of the luggage, it looks like some pupils are prepared to stay for the whole week! Grafham challenge number 1 was ensuring luggage made its way to the coach!
Children have learnt about their rooms and who they are sharing with before the classic comedic sketch of bed-making! Mrs. Alderson, Mrs. Weston and Mrs. Kingman have been assuring pupils that the sheets are - in fact - not too small! This certainly is a great test of resilience and perseverance... clearly Grafham challenge number 2!
We look forward to updating you later today with some further snapshots of the children's adventures!