As of 01/04/23, Rainbow Preschool is under the leadership of Great and Little Shelford CE (A) Primary School. Existing policies for each respective establishment remain in place.

Year 1

Welcome to our Class Page
Year 1 Team:
Miss Beck, Miss Chapman, Ms Smith and Mrs Watkis.
PE lessons take place on a Thursday - please come to school dressed in your PE kit.
Forest School sessions will take place on a Friday - remember to dress appropriately for the weather.
Reading books and reading records should be brought to school each day.
Children have their own login details for Numbots which they can use both in school and at home to develop maths fluency.
Autumn Term - Shelford Stars
Autumn 2 - Week 1
This week in phonics we have reviewed the new Phase 5 graphemes we have learnt, as well as reading and writing words with the suffixes -s and -es.
In Maths we have been recalling addition facts within 10. We have also been learning to find the missing part on either a part-whole model or bar model as well as applying our learning to help us to answer problem solving questions.
We have learnt about what technology means and learnt the names for parts of a computer. It was great fun learning to login and use the school laptops - we showed great reslience during this task! Then we played games and drew to practice our mouse skills, as well as typing our own names.
On Wednesday morning we went on our school trip to Pizza Express. We were excited to board the coach for the short journey into Cambridge. Once at Pizza Express we learnt about many of the ingredients used to make pizzas before making our own pizza. After waiting for our pizzas to cook we enjoyed tasting the pizzas we had made.
Finally, we had a sunny morning for Forest Friday - we recalled the story of 'The Leaf Thief' before collecting a range of beautiful autumn leaves and threading them carefully onto sticks. Some of us found tiny leaves, while some searched for huge leaves!
On Friday afternoon we enjoyed our first class assembly. Thank you to all of the families who joined us to hear about phonics and reading and share books with us. We have been preparing our performance for a few weeks and it was great to have an audience to sing for. We hope you enjoyed our performance of 'Glad I'm Me!'
Autumn 1 - Week 7
This week in phonics we have learnt four new digaraphs - ie, ir, ue and u and the tricky words people, oh, their and your.
In maths we have continued our work on addition.
Our main focus this week has been our DT project. We began the week by identifying and grouping fruits and vegetables. Then we tasted a variety of fruits, describing their taste and thinking about which ones we liked and which we didn't. Then we made a design for a healthy snack that we could share with a Reception buddy. We carefully cut and prepared our 'fruit faces' before sharing them. Finally we evaluated our work.
Although we try to go out on Forest Friday whatever the weather it was just too wet this week, even with wellies, coats and dungarees. We had an indoor Forest Friday session instead. We thought about some of the changes we have noticed now we are in autumn and watched an episode of JoJo and GranGran. Then we made autumn leaves for our Forest Friday display. We ended our morning with hot chocolate and a story in front of the fire (on the whiteboard). After half term we will go outside and enjoy exploring the real autumn leaves!
Autumn 1 - Week 6
In phonics this week we reviewed words with the -ed suffix, reminding ourselves of the different ways of pronouncing this.
Our literacy lessons were based on the story 'Perfectly Norman'. We tried to include new vocabulary and correct punctation, including speech marks, in our writing.
In maths lessons we explored 'parts' and the 'whole' as we started our addition and subtraction unit. We learnt to record this information on part-whole models using counters or numerals. Once we were confident with this we learnt about fact families and had a go at recording the 4 addition equations that correspond with the part-whole model.
The harvest service helped us to think more about how Christians show that they are thankful to God. We thought about ways that Christians show that they are thankful as well as thinking about some of the things that we are thankful for.
Over the past few weeks we have been developing our throwing skills as part of our morning 'run time' activities. This week we were all able to show great control and accuracy, throwing bean bags into hoops.
Autumn 1 - Week 5
In phonics this week we have been consolidating our learning of the new GPCs from last week. We are also continuing to work on learning all of the tricky words we have been taught. 
We completed our place value unit in maths this week by learning about number lines. As well as writing missing numbers on number lines we followed instructions to identify numbers e.g. 'circle the number that is one less than 8' or 'colour all of the numbers that are greater than 7'.
In our literacy lessons we enjoyed planning and writing our own stories titled 'What the Rainbow Fish did next.' We had lots of creative ideas about what the Rainbow Fish might do with his new friends. While we were writing we thought carefully about our spelling, sounding out the words we wanted to write and using GPC mats to help. We also tried hard to remember to use capital letters and full stops in our writing.
In science lessons we learnt about different ways we can group animals. We learnt to identify birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. When looking at animal diets we used the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.
Our geography work continued with discussions about different types of homes and the jobs people do in Shelford. We also thought of ideas for how our local area could be improved. Many of us thought about the environment, wild animals and the accessability of services. We thought more parks would be great!
Look at the photos below from this week's Forest Friday session. We made our own stickmen and then took them on exciting adventures. Some stickmen explored the jungle or the desert while others took on challenges like crossing a wobbly bridge. Back in the classroom we wrote about our stickman adventures.
Autumn 1 - Week 4
We were excited about learning some new digraphs in phonics this week. We have been learning to read and write words with the digraphs ayouoy and ea.
In maths we have been comparing numbers. We have used the language 'more than, less than or equal to' and also learnt to use symbols to represent this. Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the different ways we have represented our learning this week.
In geography we are learning about our local area. We enjoyed going on a village walk this week. While we were out we looked at the different buildings and thought about who works in them and what services they offer. Back at school we created maps of our journeys to school and considered what we like and dislike about where we live. Thank you to the adults who came along to help us on our walk.
To continue to develop our drawing skills we looked closely at shells this week. We carefully observed their shapes and spiral patterns before drawing them.
Our Forest Friday session began with a story this week - 'Stanley's Stick'. After listening to the story we found our own 'fantasticks' and used our imaginations to think of what they could be. Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can guess what we were pretending our sticks were.
Autumn 1 - Week 3
In phonics this week we have been applying what we have learnt so that we can read longer words. 'Chunking' words into smaller parts has helped us with this.
Our maths lessons have continued to include lots of practical activities, as well as some tasks that required us to record our learning. We have been finding one more and one less than numbers to 10 and using the words 'fewer, more or the same' to compare amounts. Some of the problem solving questions really got us thinking this week!
We began a writing unit linked to 'The Rainbow Fish' this week. With the help of 'Grandma Fantastic' we have been trying to include new vocabularly in our writing, as well as remembering capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.
We have had lots of fun in our science lessons looking at baby pictures of each other and trying to guess who is who. This led to lots of discussions about how we have changed as well as some things about us that haven't changed.
There has been lots of creativity in Year 1 this week . We continued our work on spirals, creating snail artwork, as well as drawing self-portraits which are now on display in the school hall. Our Forest Friday challenge was to make a story stick, it was great to be able to help our friends and work together on this activity.
Autumn 1 - Week 2
In phonics we have continued to review our prior learning. This week we have been practicing our tricky words lots!
In maths we have been doing both practical activities and written activities. We continue to work with numbers to 10, counting on from any number and finding 'one more'. There have also been lots of questions where we have had to apply our learning to solve problems. We have had the extra challenge of learning to read and write number words to 10. Many of these words are tricky words so we are using the number rap below to help us.
We have been learning about the Christian story of Creation in RE lessons, sequencing pictures to retell the story and creating our own creation artwork to put on the front of our folders.
In art lessons we have been drawing spirals, exploring different drawing tools and surfaces. Some of us even continued exploring ways to make spirals during Forest Friday.
Autumn 1 - Week 1
This week we have been learning the new routines in Year 1, exploring our new classroom and resources and getting to know the adults who will be helping us this year.
In phonics we have been revisiting some of the GPCs and tricky words that were introduced in Reception.
In maths we have been consolidating our understanding of numbers to 10, using a range of representations.
In PSHE lessons we have been thinking about the school rules, our feelings about starting Year 1, how we can welcome others and identifying adults who we can ask for help at home and at school. We have read lots of stories to help us with our learning in PSHE.
Helping your child at home
Here are a few suggestions of how you can help your child at home:
Reading with your child - a few minutes every day is more beneficial than one or two longer sessions a week.
Practising letter and number formation.
Counting to 20 (or beyond), forwards and backwards, and reading and writing the numerals.
Naming the days of the week in order.
Number bonds to 10 (4 + 1 = 5, 2 + 5 = 7, 3 + 7 = 10)
Read some of the Year 1 Common Exception Words
Practising the graphemes taught in Reception along with new ones in Year 1. Look out for words that contain these!
Y1 Maths Summary:
Approximate summaries of maths coverage throughout Y1.