Vision and Ethos

Our Vision
Our vision is our aspiration for all of our stakeholders in our school. It captures the work of the school in its entirety and is vibrantly alive in the atmosphere of the school. Our vision is reinforced and lived out by some of our unique family-style structures and approaches throughout school life.
This vision was created in 2019 with involvement from all stakeholder groups in our school community. 
Developing a New Vision - 2019
Our vision is founded on four key scripture passages:
Designing and developing the new vision in 2019 was a detailed process that involved members from all stakeholders. A summary of the work undertaken, including the process of how the school selected the four key scripture passages, can be read below:
As part of our Shelford Star, we focus on four key values: 
  • Kindness
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
Within these, we look at 8 specific Secrets of Success.
Also see our policies for our behaviour policy which shows how we put these values into practice.