Awards and Celebrations!

Anyone who knows what life at Great and Little Shelford is like knows that our awards and celebrations are a really important part of our school life. We aim to continue that for you here!
What awards are on offer?
  • Celia - please email nominations to for children in the school community (both pupils and siblings not at Great and Little Shelford). This award recognises the social, emotional aspects of learning.... hence Celia being our seal!
  • Cyril - please email nominations to for adults in the school community (both adults at home and staff at school). This award recognises the social, emotional aspects of learning.... hence Cyril being a seal!
  • Headteacher's Awards - staff will pass on information about pupils that have gone above and beyond to Mr. Grey. 
We might add more over time... but this is what we are going to start with!
Celebration Worship - 27/3/20
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Watch the video above to learn who has received an award this week!
SPOILER ALERT! Scroll down to reveal a summary of awards, photographs and a poem!
Awards received 27/3/2020:
  • Celia - Olivia (Y6); Nina (Y4) 
  • Cyril - Miss Nairac, Special Mention to Eddie's Grandma for leading extra maths lessons. 
  • Star Writer Award - Christopher (Y3); Joshua L (Y3)
  • Headteacher's Awards
    • Isabelle (Y4)
    • Sebastian (Y4)
    • Lilly (Y4)
    • All of Y4 children and parents!
    • Naomi (Y6)
    • Milo (Y3)
    • Rowan (Y3)

Hanging on by a Thread


She was nearly there, the top of the tree was in sight

Further up and further, she climbed with all her might.

A metre away from the top, she staggered and three of her young fell to the floor,

That was it, she would not climb anymore.


But what to do now, at the top of a tree, with her little joeys four?

The possum made up her mind, she would rescue them one by one.

That seemed a bit dumb,

to do it at night,

because she had terrible sight!


The wind seemed to laugh

and so did a calf,

that was sitting under a tree.

He said not to flee

but that was so hard

when she tried to guard

the joeys still on her back.


A giant giraffe galloped up

and said to the possum, 'sup?

she replied 'oh giraffe, please help,

my joeys have fallen and are starting to yelp!'


Within seconds, the family is reunited

and for the rest of their lives, they were never sighted.

The family grew and so did their nest,

so the lives of the children were the best!

Naomi - Year 6