School council

Our School Councillors are elected each year by their classmates in a secret ballot in our hall polling station. Councillors proudly attend meetings which take place once a fortnight, working with the Headteacher to improve the school.
Our Head Boy and Head Girl take turns to lead and minute the meetings. 
Daniel Lockey and Elizabeth Cousins were invited by the Headteacher to be this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl.  They have both more than earned this honour for their positive contribution to the school since their entry to the school in Reception class. There were a number of other deserving candidates, so it was, as always, a difficult decision. Congratulations and well-earned Daniel and Elizabeth!


The following pupils were elected by their class councils to the School Council for 2017 - 2018:

  • Emily Ford and Milo McCrone (Year 1)
  • Gwendolen Doubleday and Eli Caroe (Year 2)
  • Caitlin Bullock and Noah Bennett (Year 3)
  • Annika Sainson and Jonathan Richmond (Year 4)
  • Rachel Biers and Toby Woodcock (Year 5)
  • Elizabeth Fazal and Guy Savage (Year 6).

Reception Class councillors will be added just before half term when they have settled in. All will work together with Mrs Evans (Headteacher) and Mrs Bullock (Governor & PTA representative) to further improve the life and work of the school.