Year 3

Welcome to our class page!
Teaching Team:
Mondays and Tuesdays: Mrs Scott, Mrs Remm, Mrs Weston, Miss Wesley, Mrs Page
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: Mrs Ashton, Mrs Remm, Mrs Kennedy, Miss Wesley, Mrs Page, Mrs Hallebro
Autumn Term 2019
Our topic this term is Castles!
Homework challenges for Autumn 1:
Write a lunchtime prayer to go in our Prayer Folder. Write it on a sheet of A4.
Make a model of a castle from junk or a construction kit. Take a photo and bring it to school to share with the class.
We started our topic by re-enacting the Battle of Hastings. We divided the class into Normans and Saxons and made swords and shields for the famous battle in 1066.
Our topic in Autumn Term 2 is Inverness- a different place.
Homework challenges for Autumn 2:
Use a globe/map/atlas to locate 10 European countries and their capital cities. Bring your list in to share with the class.
Using recycled materials, design and make a christmas decoration and bring it in to decorate the classroom in December.
Our topic for Spring 1 is Mighty Mountains.
Homework Challenges for Spring 1:
  • Can you find out a fact about a mountain, write it out and add it to our display in the classroom?
  • Can you eat the alphabet? Write out the alphabet and see if in the next few weeks you can eat something that begins with every letter. Bring in your list to show the rest of the class.
Spring 2 - Our topic this half term is Stone Age to Iron Age.
Homework Challenges for Spring 2:
  • Can you prepare a time line of your life from birth to the present day. (For example, include your first smile, crawl, walk, talk, and any other significant events by marking their date on your line). You could include illustrations and/or photos for added impact!
  • Can you look around your home and identify at least 4 different ways in which rock or things from under the ground are used in or around your home (eg glass, ceramic/clay, marble, slate, granite)
Summer 1's topic is The History of our School.
Homework Challenges for Summer 1:
  • Can you find an example of a habitat in your garden or near your home (eg hedge, pond, patch of long grass, tree) and name and draw 4 living organisms (plants or animals) that are living or might live there and explain why they are suited to it.
  • Can you find someone to interview about what school was like when they were a child? Did they wear a uniform? What games were played at breaktime? What were the school lunches like?
Our topic for Summer 2 is Habitats - Investigating our local area