Year 3

Welcome to our class page!
Teaching Team:
Mondays and Tuesdays: Mrs Scott, Mrs Warne, Mrs Kellock
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: Mrs Ashton, Mrs Remm, Mrs Warne, Mrs Kellock
Autumn Term 2018
Our topic this term is Castles!
Welcome to Summer term II - the time of swimming, sports day and hopefully sun! This half term, our topic involves looking at our local environment so, amongst other things, we'll be looking at our route to school, the shops in our locality and at the plants we have in our school.
Homework Challenges

We invite you to try out some of these ideas to complement our work in school in Summer II half term. There will be time to share your efforts towards the end of term.

  •  Can you find things at home which work through air being forced into them? (For example, instruments, toys, swimming aids). Can you explain how the forced air helps them do what they do?
Welcome to Summer Term 1. Our topic this term is the History of Our School. In September the school will be celebrating its 175th Anniversary so it is great to be giving our class a head start in learning about the school's long history.
We will be having a Victorian school day later on this term- a letter to parents will go home shortly with suggestions on what the children can wear.
How did we manage to have such beautiful weather for our dip into our very own pond habitat? Newts were netted (only temporarily), caddis fly larva looked at and slime sloshed about, and we all enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine!

Ooh la la! Our French pen-pals' letters arrived in reply to the ones we wrote in March. We hope they enjoyed our French as much as we enjoyed their English! 

Brie anyone? Astrid and Alexander's mums shared their experiences on the recent twinning trip - as well as some French delicacies. How do you say "yum yum" in French...?!
Homework Projects for Spring term 2!
We invite you to try out some of these ideas to complement our work in school in Spring II half term. There will be time to share your efforts towards the end of term.
  • Look around your house and identify at least 4 ways in which rock or things from under the ground are used in and around your home (eg slate, glass, marble, clay/ceramic, granite).
  • Prepare a time line of your life from birth to the present day. You could include your first smile, crawl, walk, talk and any other significant events by marking their date on your line. You could include illustrations and/or photographs for added impact.
Homework projects!
We invite you to try out some of these activities to complement your work in school. There will be time at the end of this half term to share your efforts.
  • Can you find 4 different things in your house which use electricity (mains or battery), draw them and say what the power actually does( eg heat something, light something, give heat to something)
  • Carry out your own research on a mountain of your choice - one we have looked at in school or choose your own favourite
Our first topic in 2018 will be Mighty Mountains. We started by thinking about the height of Mount Snowdon. We went outside into the playground with a trundle wheel and measured 100metres. We tried to imagine 10 lots of 100metrews to get an idea of the size of Mount Snowdon.
We have been finding out about why some animals who live in mountains are endangered. We have made collages of some of these animals: snow leopard, chinchillas, pandas, red pandas, lynx, antelope and gorilla.
We have used buttons, paper, leather, fabric, bamboo, wool, fur fabric, pom poms, tissue and felt.

We have looked at the series of prints of Mount Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai and at the paintings of mountains by Nicholas Roerich. We have tried to copy them using oil pastels.

Science this term is electric! We have been learning how to construct a circuit from a diagram, how to draw a circuit using the correct symbols and which materials conduct and which do not.
Watch out! We've been learning fencing skills from premier sport - but don't worry, the swords were very gentle and bendy!
Our new topic for Autumn Term 2 is Inverness- A Different Place.
Homework Projects!
We invite you to choose one or two of the suggested example activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of the autumn term
  • investigate 3D shapes in your home. Try undoing a box to look at the shape of the net. Can you draw your own net to make a cube or cuboid?
  • make up a board game to help you learn a particular times table
  • make a Christmas decoration for the classroom from recycled materials
We have been making model loch ness monsters from clay.
In science we have been looking at magnets. We had to design an experiment to see which of 3 magnets was the strongest. Can you see from the photos how we did it?
We enjoyed our sound workshop on November 22nd, looking at a giant model of an ear and watching a slink to understand how soundwaves move. We also made straw oboes and paper cup telephones and listened to our heartbeat with real stethoscopes!
The big finish to our castle topic - Our Castle Big Build. We used different construction sets to build castles complete with keeps, battlements, arrow slits, dungeons and siege towers!
Homework topics for Summer I: We invite you to try out some of these ideas to complement our work in school this half term. There will be time to share your efforts towards the end of the half term.
  • Can you find an example of a habitat in your garden or near your home (eg hedge, pond, patch of long grass, tree) and name and draw 4 living organisms (plants or animals) that are living or might live there and explain why they are suited to it.
  • How about finding as many different descriptive words as possible for the colours red, blue and yellow and listing them (Hint: try using a thesaurus).
We have been making castles out of cardboard with drawbridges that open and shut. We printed the walls with sponges and made people to stand in the windows. If you look carefully you might see a knight trying to attack each castle.
We have been designing and making shields, choosing our colours and symbols carefully and sewing around the edge.
We have been enjoying "Funtrition" with Mr Spencer. It has made us think about our diet and what impact that may have on us. Here is an example of a healthy pizza designed by Year 3.