Year 5

 Welcome to our class page!

Year 5 Teaching Team

  • Mr Cuff – Class Teacher
  • Mrs Weston – Teaching Assistant 
  • Mrs Dasher - Teaching Assistant 
  • Mrs Crawford – Leadership & Management cover (Wednesday and Friday afternoon)
  • Mrs Kellock – PPA cover (Thursday afternoon)
This page will be updated regularly to show what we have been getting up to in class.
We enjoyed many different induction activities and have completed this half term's topic of Ancient Civilisations: Egypt. Thank you to all those who worked have hard on independent projects so far. For those that are yet to complete their work, please continue and we will build time in to present those throughout this half term.
As we move through the term we turn our attention to Ancient Civilisations: Greece, please see our topic web below for further information.
Autumn Term Project Activities for Home
We invite you to choose one or two of the activities below to compliment your topic work in school. There will be time to share your creations in the last week of term.
  1. Recreate an Ancient Egyptian farmer's Shaduf using Lego (you may want to use the instructions below)
  2. Research and create a fact file on one of the many Egyptian Gods.
  3. Find out about what jobs existed in Ancient Egypt and 'compare and contrast' these jobs (a maximum of 3) with jobs from 'today'.