Year 6

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Teaching Team:
  • Mr Paduano (Class teacher)
  • Miss Wesley (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Kennedy (Higher Level Teaching Assistant - PPA cover, Monday afternoons)
This page will be updated regularly to show what we have been up to in class.
So far this term we have completed various induction activities and started or project by looking at where the  Anglo Saxons came from and where they settled in this country.
Autumn Term 2017
This Year 6 class page will be updated regularly during the year.
So far we have started our new topic Invaders and settlers 410 - 1066.
We looked at place name evidence to see where the Anglo Saxons settled. When we put the map together it was clear that there were concentrations of settlement along the North East coast and in East Anglia and the South East.
Year 6 visited Ely Cathedral on Thursday 5th October. We celebrated the links between the Diocese of Ely and India. We created group dances and some of us participated in a play about St Thomas. 3 of us played our instruments in the orchestra during the final act of worship.