Current Campaigns

Thanks to everyone who has supported the PTA in this exceptional year. As we haven't been able to fundraise in the normal way please see below for details of how you can help our current campaigns.

Laptops Fundraiser!

 The school is in urgent need of new laptops. The laptops they have are so old they are no longer supported by Microsoft and aren't really fit for purpose. The PTA is therefore looking to raise enough money (£3,000) to allow the school to buy a complete set of 30 laptops for a class to use at a time.

No effort, no costume-making, no baking! If you can, please donate to our laptop fundraiser via the Just Giving page here and share the link with anyone who might be interested in donating - Shelford PTA is a registered charity.
Thank you.
The PTA Team
School Book Wishlist
The PTA has an Amazon Wishlist full of book ideas suggested by the teachers. It’s a low effort, great way to support the school. If you buy from the list the book will be sent straight to the school and your children could be reading it next term! All books very gratefully received. There is no obligation to buy from Amazon - If you’d rather buy a book from the list elsewhere and have it posted/delivered to the school it would be equally welcome. Don't forget to shop through AmazonSmile to raise money for the school at the same time, and even go through EasyFundraising!