Celebration Worship – 3rd December 2021

Pupils gathered together on Zoom for our weekly Celebration Worship. As we joined, we shared this Advent in Two Minutes video , linked to our focus on Advent. 

We opened the celebration worship with our signed gathering statement linked to our school vision:

Leader: We live and work in harmony

Response: With love for one another

Cross Country:  We heard that our team that entered last week came 5th out of 16 schools.

Kindness Week: We shared that the school's fundraiser for the Anti-bullying Alliance has raised £274 so far. 

Celia - Emily C - kindness to all others, including encouraging others to make the right choice. 

Cyril - Miss Hudson - for kindness to others, especially in how she cares for those in her class and for making learning fun. 

Silver Bins:  Reception & Year 4 (third week running)

Dinner Winner:  Year 2

Wonderful Walkers: Year 1

Shelford Mile:

5 miles: Joseph B

Silver – 25 miles: Hannah B, Lelaini C, Jemima M, Lily M-J, Eleanor P, Lilianna S

Star Writers:

  • Georgia F - for your letter to Father Christmas and his reply to you. You included some realistic details about all the preparations that have to be made to the sleigh and how Father Christmas had no more time to write as he needed to go back to see to the reindeer. You wrote in great detail with neatly joined handwriting and some excellent original ideas.

  • Matthew B – for your letter to Father Christmas and his reply to you. You wrote a lovely description of the preparations you and your family are making for Christmas and I enjoyed reading about how Father Christmas is feeding the reindeer extra carrots for the bumpy ride! Well done!

Headteacher Awards:

  • Theo B-C- for focusing really well in our phonics sessions this week. You have listened nicely and joined in with all of our action songs. What a Concentrating Crocodile!

  • Freddie B - for such enthusiasm for learning all of our nativity songs! You have enjoyed listening to the tunes and practising the words.  

This week's winning house is - domus inspiratorum - the house of inspiration - The Eagles
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