This week's awards - Celebration Collective Worship
Friday 12th October
Great and Little Shelford C E Primary School - A letter was received from Buckingham Palace to congratulate the school on the 175th Anniversary.
Special Mention to Year 3 - The rest of the school thanked Year 3 for their hard work in preparing and leading the Harvest Service on Monday. 
A special farewell! - Samuel B and Zoe B are off to Australia! They came to the front for our 'Sending' at the end of collective worship. We send them on their way with lots of love and luck for their new adventure. 
Y5 and Y6 Footballers - 7th place - the team was: Harry C, Elliot C, William C, Zane D, Joseph R, Annika S, Jack V, Harmony V-T, Beatrix W. A special team work award was awarded to Harmony V-T by Miss Beck.
Dinner Winners - Year 2
Silver Bins (tidiest classrooms) - Y1 and Y6
Celia (Social and Emotional Aspects - pupils) - no nominations this week
Cyril (Social and Emotional Aspects - staff) - Mrs. Ward
Star Writer - Erica S (Y3)
Maths Investigation Award - None this week
Headteacher Awards - Ruby S, Christopher G-L
Winning House - Ingenium - domus inspiratorum - the house of inspiration (literally the house of the inspired ones) - the Eagles. The Eagles' flag was raised today by Humairah U. 
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