This week's awards - Celebration Collective Worship
Friday 21st September
Golf Tournament Success (outside of school) - Emma R, Matthew R 
Silver School Games Award - Great and Little Shelford C E (A) Primary School 
Dinner Winners - TBC
Silver Bins (tidiest classrooms) - Y2 and Y5
Celia (Social and Emotional Aspects - pupils) - no nominations this week
Cyril (Social and Emotional Aspects - staff) - no nominations this week
Star Writer - Mason P (Y3)
Maths Investigation Award - None this week
Headteacher Awards - Barnes H (Y1), Molly C (Y1), William C (Y2), Amanda B (Y2), Alex W (Y5), Annika S (Y5)
Winning House - Ingenium- domus inspiratorum - the house of inspiration - the Eagles. The Eagles' flag was raised today by William C (Y6).
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