Annual Residential Trips

Year 5 trip to Burwell House
In Year 5, children all take part in a short residential visit to Burwell House. They enjoy a variety of activities whilst there, including making their own short films in a professional film studio as well as a host of team building exercises. Everyone thoroughly enjoys this great trip and the children all talk enthusiastically about the new skills they learn whilst away.
Year 5 Residential Blog - November 2019
4/11/19 - 10:10am - everyone has arrived safely and settling in... rooms and groups to be announced soon!
4/11/19 - 5:00pm -  All children have settled in well and are having lots of fun exploring the grounds. They've completed the 'Burwell Challenge', 'Sky Eye' and 'Smelly Cocktails' and have just had their first experience of the Burwell House TV Studio.  
4/11/19 - 9:50pm - Mr. Cuff and Mr. Paduano were impressed that the boys had gone to sleep so quickly and soon found themselves drifting off after a busy first day!
5/11/19 - 4:00am - Mrs. Unwin had a rather early wake-up call from the girls! Mr. Cuff and Mr. Paduano managed to catch a few more winks until later on - well done boys!
5/11/19 - 10:00am - After a good breakfast pupils enjoyed a great and energetic start to the day. They played Burwell Fox, with the aim of hiding from the 'chicken farmers'. The children became rather startled when they discovered Mr. Cuff, Mrs. Unwin and Mr. Paduano dressed in fetching hunting gear! When I later enquired as to the whereabouts of any photographic evidence, I was sadly informed that none existed! Miss Wesley arrived to join the group and Mr. Paduano said his farewells! (He's now resting up for Grafham Water!)
5/11/19 - 3:45pm - I (Mr. Grey) arrived to check in with the pupils. Today, they have been working very well in their three groups. Two of the three main activities today took place in the TV studio. Pupils had been preparing their work during their English lessons last week. While one group performed their live action scene with interview and weather forecast, the other team led the technical aspect controlling cameras, sound effects and instructions to the performing team. I was very impressed with Group C's technical control - future BBC staff in the making! The other main activity focused on nature and was based outdoors (photos below). Sadly, Mr. Cuff's group took a slight drenching at the beginning of their session! This activity set children with the challenging of finding different colours from a spectrum in nature and attaching natural items to their own sampler card. Pupils then worked in groups to create portraits of people or animals with natural, foraged materials. Finally, pupils crafted sculptures inspired by the work of Anthony Goldsworthy, who they studied last year. 
5/11/19 - 5:20pm - I (Mr. Grey) said farewell, without the need to bring any pupils home! Great behaviour reports all-round. Despite hearing great reports of the food, including the roast chicken enjoyed at lunch (I suppose supplied by Cuffy & Unwin Farms), I declined the offer to stay for the evening meal. Fireworks were whizzing past in the distance, to the amusement of the group working outside. Fingers crossed for a peaceful night! 
6/11/19 - 9:00am - A better night was enjoyed all-round and pupils began the day with plenty of energy!
6/11/19 - 11:00am - Y5 worked together on their final team challenge. They will be having lunch at 1:00pm, before leaving at 2:00pm. 
6/11/19 - 2:20pm - All Aboard! Please put your washing machines on standby, Year 5 are en-route!
6/11/19 - 3:30pm - Reunited! Everyone is back safely. The children (and staff) are noticeably more tired that when I saw them last night. Mr. Cuff disclosed that he had an early 4:00am wake up call. I'm rather suspicious Mrs. Unwin was trying to get her own back!
Year 6 trip to Grafham Water
Every year our Year 6 class visit Grafham Water for a three-day residential trip. Whilst there, the children take part in a huge variety of outdoor activities such as raft building, climbing and tackling the challenge of 'Jacob's Ladder'! Each class thoroughly enjoys this wonderful opportunity and return back to school full of wonderful tales of their adventures (plus the odd bit of wet and cold washing...). Below is a link to the official Grafham Water website, where you can get a taste of the activities on offer.
Y6 Residential Blog - February 2019:
6/2/19 - 2:10pm - Washing machines on standby - they are en route!
5/2/19 - 8:00am - The children are getting ready for climbing, archery and mountain biking this morning, with the hope of spending time on the water this afternoon. It is misty there this morning, but this will hopefully clear!
5/2/19 - 7:00am - The children have had a good evening and slept well especially after the evening challenge. Our pupils demonstrated some excellent team work. Early reports show that the rooms are impressively tidy … so far! Meanwhile, over at the boys' headquarters, three boys were found to be enjoying an early morning dance in the corridor!! Safe to say, Shelford are already feeling at home! 
4/2/19 - 2:00pm - All have arrived safely and enjoyed lunch together. One of the groups are about to commence cycling!
4/2/19 - 9:30am - We waved off the Y6 pupils in high spirits, full of excitement for the activities that lie ahead! We just hope that they have been practicing carrying those heavily-laden bags!